Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

More ladies with banners

A couple more banners to furnish the Fimir, this time the Fianna and Bansidheia are getting standards. The Fianna a 'dark crystal of Chulaine' symbol over crossed Haakskarl, a knot design and Froudian creature. The Bansidheia a Fimm symbol knotted with a heart and a small 'eye of Balor' motif.

The willing and not-so-willing bearers of the Fimm iconography.



  1. Hello! As you may know, I did an army book for Fimir earlier this year, in which I used some of the material from your army list. However, I did not ask for permission before doing so, and wanting to make things right, I thought I would at least ask now. You are already credited in the book, but I would like your approval to actually use your material as well.

    Oh, and great painting btw! ;)

    1. Thanks for asking retrospectively! I avoided looking through your armies book and the warpstone articles because I wanted to come up with my own history, characters and rules without the influence of other texts. Having had a quick flick through the book I can't see much I instantly recognise as my own, but if it helped in any way then I'm pleased to hear it! Keep up the good work with the obscure armies lists!