Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Resistance is useless...

You could resist Goblins no longer! Well, actually I couldn't resist them back in July, but they only turned up a couple of days ago. These Caesar goblins seem to have been hard to get hold of, the UK stockist was out for ages but, surprise! There they were on the doorstep on monday.

Worth the wait? Well, they're plastic and the spears are a bit bent (not really able to straighten them) but for £6 for 36 models (I got 2 boxes so £15 with shipping for 72) they work out pretty cheap.

There's anot a great variation in poses, but it was pretty easy to snip the hands off some and rearrange them, the effect was greater than I expected for such simple conversions. They did have quite large chunks of sprue attached (came in a jiffy bag) but since I need to base them up anyway this wasn't as much work as I initially thought.

Some altered poses

As to how they compare, they're a bit taller than the citadel snots- but in an army which has both Warmaster goblins and an Uglyn Lovelord as representative of the same race scale doesn't matter quite so much! I love their comical gremlin ears and cheeky faces and while their features are as pronounced or rotund as the snots they have a cartoonish feel which fits in nicely. These guys are largely going into the tribe, although 16 spearmen are heading to join Mikey's Pikeys, the 16 with bombs (some bomb hands put on new bodies) and axes are providing muscle and Fuzes for my sawmasters, 8 with bows are joining the Stunty Stikaz and a few are off to don bells in the morris.

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  1. They're cheeky little chappies and quite a bargain too!