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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Heroquest Advanced rules pt 3- Settlements

Between quests (unless the quests run consecutively) the heroes get to visit a settlement. These may be specific to the quest or generated randomly and determine whether heroes are able to heal, buy and sell equipment and anything else. The question of alignment relates to the characters' Spirit Points (see elsewhere on the blog!).


Find type of settlement or roll if none shown.
Roll to find specific settlement.
Heal if allowed
Trade if allowed
Any other effect

Unless specifically stated, characters are assumed to heal up to their full quota of Body and Mind points at a settlement regardless of alignment. Trading may only take place at a settlement of the character’s alignment (ie- good and neutral unless fallen in which case neutral and evil).  If one character is fallen (or only one isn’t) this will affect the whole party, although they may be asked to wait outside the settlement in which case they do not heal or have any settlement-specific encounters  but the other adventurers may trade as normal.

When trading, items may be sold for half their initial value and bought for their normal value unless other conditions apply.

1-      Pirates’ Haunt (Evil)

1- Keelhaul! The locals don’t take kindly to Customs men round here and you lot look distinctly Imperial. Each player who isn’t fallen rolls 1 combat die. On a roll of a black shield they lose 1 Body Point as the corsairs drag them around the bay. No Body or Mind points may be regained here except by fallen players.
2- Black Spot: Whilst the heroes swig their grog in a tavern an old man approaches the table and slams a tattered parchment on the boards in front of them. It is the dreaded Black Spot, the pirates’ condemnation. Each player rolls 1D6, lowest roller becomes Cursed!
3- Kidnapped! The heroes are grabbed by cutthroats and forced to work the galleys. By cunning means they manage to escape but lose all gold and equipment. Fortunately some of the slaves they helped escape alongside themselves are inspired by their courageousness and offer their services. Each player rolls 1 Combat Die. On a roll of a white shield the layer may take a Man at Arms follower.
4- The Black Pig: Pleasant rest and the opportunity to buy and sell booty is found at the Pirates’ favourite haunt, the Black Pig. Treat this as a normal, neutral settlement.
5- Exotic Booty: A ship has just come from far coasts with an assortment of strange and wonderful supplies. Exotic items are available at this settlement.
6- Pirate King: The leader of the corsairs asks the players to join him at his table and reveals an ancient map to a legendary treasure horde. If the heroes choose to embark upon this quest they may heal, buy and sell as if the settlement were normal and neutral. If they succeed and choose to return to the King with the plunder they are granted his protection, ignore all subsequent rolls  of 1-3 on the Pirates’ Haunt table.

2- Desolate Hamlet (Neutral)

1- Uninhabited: The eerie streets are empty and the buildings deserted. Whatever was here is long gone. No trading may be done at this settlement, however players find shelter enough to heal.
2- Smugglers’ Lair: The cluster of houses disguises and intricate network of caverns stretching far and wide, the home to a band of industrious smugglers. Exotic items are available at this settlement, however the smugglers are wary of strangers. Roll 1 combat die for each item players wish to buy. The first time the roll is a black shield the player who bought the item receives 1 Body point of damage and no further items may be bought.
3: Gaunt Peasants: Blight has wiped out the local crops and the peasants are starving. No Body points may be regained here and all equipment costs twice the listed amount. No selling may be attempted, the inhabitants are not interested in anything inedible.
4: Wary of strangers: Faces look at the players suspiciously as they pass, newcomers aren’t at all welcome here. One player rolls 1 combat die. On a roll of a black shield no trading may be done here.
5: They don’t know what they’ve got: The simple locals have no idea of the quality of the equipment they’ve found lying around the entrances to the nearby ‘haunted’ caves. For each piece of equipment the players wish to buy roll 1 combat die, on a roll of a white shield it is half the marked price. Stocks are limited however, each player may only attempt to buy one item.
6: The Chosen Ones: The heroes are hailed as the saviours of the village and invited to a great feast. At the feast they become aware it is expected of them to rid the villagers of the terrible beast which has been stealing their cattle and making the streets dangerous to walk after dark. They are offered a piece of equipment each if they will undertake to kill the monster. Otherwise the peasants are disappointed but not hostile, treat this as a normal, neutral settlement.

3- Subjugated Village (Evil)

1- Resident Evil: The town is in the thrall of a mighty Daemon Prince. On arriving the players find themselves attacked by a horde of zombies lead by the monstrous creature. Use the gargoyle model (A6, D6, BP4, MP5) to represent the daemon. Place the character models along one of the short edges of the board. They must attempt to make it to the other side to safety, moving only along corridors. Place 8 zombies and the daemon on any corridor space more than 15 spaces from the heroes. The heroes move first. If they succeed they find 100 gold coins each in the rubble, gain 50xp each and may heal but not trade.
2- Night Horrors: The heroes sink into an uneasy sleep, to be awakened by the sounds of shuffling from the doorway. After healing and trading as normal each player rolls 1 combat die. On a roll of a black shield they are attacked by a monster drawn at random from the monster cards.
3- Closed Gates: The inhabitants aren’t allowing any strangers in. Players may rest and recover D3 Body points (roll once for all characters) and all Mind points but may not trade.
4- Sentries: Wherever the characters go in the city they are aware of eyes watching them. The town seems to breathe a sigh of relief when they leave. Treat the settlement as normal and neutral.
5-Plea For Help: A frightened lady beckons the adventurers into a narrow alleyway where a cluster of cloaked figures seek their help to be delivered from the Chaos entity holding dominion over the villagers. If the players accept the task they may heal and trade as if in a normal, good settlement. If they decline the settlement is treated as a normal, evil settlement.
6- Sacrificial Horde: The inhabitants peer at the players from behind shutters and from darkened upstairs windows but do not venture out. The characters find themselves at a strange temple building at the end of a darkened street, venturing inside they find a pile of treasure and equipment heaped around an altar of curious design. Randomly pick three items of basic equipment, one exotic item and 2D100 gold coins. The adventurers may take these if they wish, aware there may be consequences... Players may heal here but not trade.

                4- Border Town (Neutral)
1- Attack! The townsfolk on the borders of the Empire are used to hostile creatures from the wilderness and they suspect you of being a band of marauders. Draw a man at arms card at random for each character to face in attack, the men at arms attack first. If the             players survive they may heal, but not trade at this settlement.
2- Suspicious Locals: Wary of strange faces, the inhabitants are reluctant to associate with newcomers. Players may heal but not trade.
3- Watering Hole: Basic food and provisions are available at this settlement. Players may heal as usual and may buy basic equipment but may not sell.
4- Encamped Army: An Imperial Army is positioned at this border point, watching for invaders. Players may heal and trade as normal, in addition each player is offered a 500gc        salary to accompany the army into its next battle. If they accept they may not undertake               any further quests until they have been involved in at least one pitched battle.
5- Hospitality: The peasants are delighted to have new tales to listen to. They offer food              and drink in abundance and proffer their wares (basic equipment) at half the marked price, eager to please their heroic guests.
6- Welcome Security: The players are swept up in a tide of gratitude as the villagers pronounce they have saved them from the threat that had been darkening their borders. Each player receives 250gc.

5- Mercantile Port (Good)

1- Press Ganged: A mob of brawny sailors corner the players in a shady bar by the quayside, forcing them to take the Emperor’s Guinea and enlist in the navy. For 50gc each the characters may bribe their way out, otherwise they are whisked off to sea.
2- Rumours: News travels fast along trade routes, and not all of it good. Some say the adventurers are of dubious character and not to be trusted. Each time a player attempts to trade they must roll 1 combat die. On a roll of a black shield the merchant smells a rat     and declines to trade, no other trades may be made by that player at this settlement.
3- Ships from Araby: A strange craft from the southern deserts has pulled into the port.                The adventurers are asked to investigate. On doing so they discover a number of black coffins in the hold, which disgorge their undead contents upon the hapless players. After healing and trading each character is attacked by a skeleton. If they defeat the enemy they discover an exotic item (randomly picked) hidden amongst the coffins.
4- News from the New World: Strange tales of temples and treasure reach the adventurers’ ears. If players wish they may journey to the jungles of Lustria aboard a             galleon, the passage costs 300gc. The ship has recently returned from there with a rich cargo, exotic items are available at this settlement.
5- Prosperous City: The port has grown rich on trade and commerce and the inhabitants               love to own a piece of a good yarn. Items here cost          twice the marked price but items (with their history of use) may also be sold here for twice their cost.
6- Guild Summons: The Merchants Guild wishes to enlist the adventurers’ help with obtaining rare and valuable items. They will buy exotic and arcane items at twice their         marked price. They will also offer the players Guild Membership in exchange for an               exotic item every time they pass through. As long as the players sell one exotic item each time they receive a Guild Summons they receive a D100gc discount on all items bought in a good or neutral settlement.

6- Imperial City (Good)

1- Outlawed: A price has been put on the players’ heads! For whatever reason they find              they are not welcome. Adventurers may not trade here, they keep a low profile.
2- Famine: A terrible drought has swept the land. There is no food to be had and the adventurers may not heal any Body points. No trading may take place, the locals have other things on their minds.
3- Limited Trading Hours: The local governor has restricted hours of trading. The players                may only buy or sell one item each at this settlement.
4- Market Day: The mood is lively and the goods are plentiful. Treat the settlement as   normal.
5- Hero’s Welcome: The adventurers are received with pomp and ceremony. Folks are                 eager to trade and will buy equipment at twice its marked value. For each item bought        roll 1 combat die, on a roll of a white shield it is half marked price. This may only be attempted once per player.
6- Royal Favour: The players are accosted by a pompous-looking man in a heraldic tabard. They are taken to the palace where the governor bestows upon them the keys to     the city. Each player receives 250gc and may add one extra Body point to their playsheet for the next quest only.


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