Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Casting call

Here's a shot of the first full batch of cloaked figures. I've cast these in high density fine casting plaster, did some in resin too but much prefer to use the plaster. It's easier to clean, not nearly as messy to work with and is far better for the environment than resin. Plus it glues really easily and quickly. Surface hardness is very good and although the thin bits are a bit brittle they're perfectly fine for normal handling, just don't chuck 'em together in a box and carry them roughly!

There are 5 top variants, all of which can be used with any of the legs. There are five leg variants, but these are designed to be double sided effectively giving 10 leg variants. That's 50 possible combinations.

Also, here are some servitor/arcoflaggelant/techpriest kind of heads as used in the Servitor Interitii maniple, again, cast in plaster.



  1. You designed and made these yourself? They're good

    1. Thanks, yes a;; my own work. Green stuff sculpts, silicone moulds, plaster castings. I'm running a batch out for a friend who wants as many hooded fanatics as he can get his hands on for an IG army. The idea is that they are easily convertible into any robed figure (AdMech, Dark Angels, Cultists, Redemptionists, Monks, Sorcerors, Flagellants, Clerics etc etc) by adding hands, a face and accessories. They're pretty darn cheap and easy to file down and repose to boot.