Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Frateris Viaferris Divisio Skitarii Legio Γ XIX MM

Getting nicely assembled with my Cult Mechanicus contingent.

The century comprises a command group and seven maniples comprised of nine Hyspasists lead by a Tessararius. They are aided by 20 Sagitarrii from Centurio LVIII (organised into four maniples consisting of four sagitarrii and a Tessararius). These are from the bags of Warzone figures, and I'm really happy with the range of posing possible, not to mention the different looks achieved by simple head swaps etc. The style of the Bauhaus Ducal Militia and the Imperial Regulars complement each other really nicely to give a uniform-looking army. I've used the Regulars bodies with Militia heads for the Hyspasists, Heavies bodies with Regular heads for the Sagittarii and a mix for the sergeants.

A selection of Tessararii showing the difference an assortment of heads makes to an otherwise static pose.

 The obligatory comic relief- shot in the eye, "my head hurts" and a guy wondering just how he's supposed to drink from that canteen with a respirator on!

Optio Centuriae Rubens Igneus- a grey knights conversion with guitar string mechadendrites. The leader of Centurio XIX. Surrounded by his command group including Invoxator, Biomechanic, Commissars and Veterans.

Signifer Romulus Arcana, the Archmagos in charge of the Missio Manufactotum. An Inquisitor henchman conversion with guitar wire mechadendrites and breathing tube and a laser-cut Adeptus Mechanicus logo on his staff. Still to do something with his Inquisition pendant.

Vexillarius Sepulchrade, in progress! A psyker imprisoned in a mechanical cell created from a grey knights daemonhost, Ghazgkull Thraka and a lot of cogs. The romanesque signifier is surmounted by a laser-cut acrylic logo which I have drilled into to insert and LED so this bad boy will glow green thanks to a watch battery in the base.

 Battle Brothers Julius and Aristophicles, Sepulchrade's minders. Barely modified techmarines.

 A star wars tank droid I just couldn't resist adding to the army. What he'll be I don't know, some kind of dreadnought maybe, or a support weapon (though he's a bit tall for sightlines!). He's cool though, although the moulding has gone a bit awry on the back and his plating is a bit wonky.

My first tank is sitting in its box at the back there. Hopefully I can get two more at a similar price to make up an Equitata from Centurio LXIII, Ala A, Pax Quirina (counting as Leman Russ). I was hoping for WW1 tanks looking a bit Land-Raideresque but they go for crazy money, so I'll take the Japanese tank! Also need to put together a few support weapons. Will have to scrutinize the Imperial Guard codex. Was using the Tempus Fugitives Cult Mechanicus codex but if I can make the list a legal, official, guard list that's probably better.



  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I love your conversion work! (on this project as well as on your fimir!)
    I always thought the Skitarri was an interesting concept and that it was too bad that GW never really explored/exploited it.
    I'm sure you'll more than do it justice! I already love the signifiers! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Mouse! Early days yet... I have yet to embark upon the dreaded painting marathon! I'm pretty glad GW have left something relatively unexplored and certainly largely unmodelled- I get frustrated when they try to supply everything for extortionate amounts and insist on using their models rather than encouraging creativity and individual modelling as they used to.