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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fimir Marsh Chariot

Finally got round to building a chariot for my Fimir army. I bought this set off ebay expecting something in 25/8mm.. alas! They were 15mm... see them next to the Fimm!

Ah well... the tapir-type beastie is cool and must get some use. So I set to work... One mini beastie like that would be no good pulling a mighty Fimm chariot and so I took a mould and cast another three, having first filed down the eyes and resculpted with a single one... for which details to follow. I also cast another wheel as there was only one in the set. I chopped off the yolk of the cart and used it as a pile of trophies and equipment that the chariot is carrying. I used the 15mm orc as a young Fimm, maybe a child of the Flaithmor on his way to becoming a noble of the clan. I sculpted on a tail and redid the eye but largely left the original figure in tact. The base of the chariot I made from MDF and solder woven around metal rods to give the hurdle effect. The beasties were yolked with Liche King's chariot bits... the few bits I have left from a previous undead army, and a further yolk was used as the top of the banner pole, with fittings to strap the noble's prize trophy to... herself a Reaper mini. Originally I intended her to be lying on a sacrificial stone with her wild hair cascading down, but I did think it would look nice waving in the wind! I had to drill out the bottom of her dress and bend it a bit to fit over the stuff in the back of the cart.

The finished article:

The pointy bits on the chariot were painted purple to represent the crystal of Khulaine from the story in my Fimir fluff. I've got a larger one of these as a filler for my Fianna regiment which is still in the pre-casting phase. These and the images on the banner are shamelessly based on the dark crystal... as it most of the army!

Oh, and the beasties? They get some more fluff....


As with much of the history of the Fimir, nobody is quite sure how the Gelfkin originated. It is said that when the first Meargh grew to adulthood some did, in fact, bear children. However these offspring were of little or no intelligence, went about on all fours and could not speak. Put to work as beasts of burden they were effectively cast out of the Fimir race, ironic since their particular strain seems to have been able to reproduce quite successfully. Their species has retained the single eye of their distant, dismissive cousins, and their hairy tails lend some possibility to the tale of their origins.

                        M   WS  BS  S   T  W   I   A  Ld  Type
Gelfkin             6     3     0     3   3   1   2  1   5     WB


Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's