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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

The 333 3rd Ed Challenge- Bald Rick's Boomers


Ok everyone, you know how this goes...

"Boom boom boom boom...."

These cannon were the inspiration behind this month's 333(ish, 334 I think I worked out in the end) points. They're (we think) previously unreleased Hinchliffe pieces that Mike received among the moulds he purchased when he took on their fantasy range last year. With all those ornate bands and skulls they had to be chaos cannon, Khorne possibly? Well, I'm doing Slaanesh so that will have to do. There are also a couple of nifty catapults which I'm hoping to ge ttogether as Undead and/or Orc/Goblin war machines.

Of course they would require crew. There is actually a kind of alien lizardman crew with the machines but I wasn't so keen on the gunners as on the guns themselves. And, of course, behind big guns you need short engineers...

You can see just how I rationalised my decision and inserted artillery into a chaos army with no war machines in its list in THIS VIDEO.

Here's the crew of the cannon, mostly White Knight/The Assault Group with a couple of Citadel models. Thanks to Matthew Street who donated most of the figures. I am glad I got these done before he got started on his puff and slash dwarves for the OWAC... they will definitely not be able to compare! :D

The mortars' carriages are from RAFM Crecy guns with the stocks cut, shortened and angled to elevate the barrels. I experimented with using the same wheels as on the large cannon but as the mortars are much smaller this looked a bit odd. I think they're similar enough to work with just keeping the colours consistent. The barrels themselves are the scroll cannisters from Warmachine Menoth preachers with one end chopped off and hollowed out. Again a mix of WK/TAG and Citadel crew thanks to Matthew Street. 

The chief bombardier inspects the holy hand grenade, especially blessed ammunition!

I had originally planned to use the bearers to carry the mortar shells, but the one provided was far too large for these mortars. Instead I used them to give a chief engineer some additional height from which to direct operations. Chief Engineer Bald Rick (who wears a helmet to keep his dome warm, with horns to demonstrate there's nothing wrong with his virility) is cobbled together from a plastic Mantic dwarf, WK/TAG arms and a Citadel Fantasy Regiments head.


Wednesday, 15 December 2021

The 333 3rd Ed Challenge- Retinue of Luxetia Bourgeoia


So far so good... managing to keep up the first 3 months of the 333pt 3rd ed challenge!

Following the 3 theme here is the third Realm of Chaos warbands- that of the half-elf sorceress Luxetia Bourgeoia. You can see the live roll HERE.

Luxetia herself is a Foundry Revenant Elf that I picked up at BOYL. I love this range and would have a lot more of them if they weren't, um, rather expensive! Anyhow, she paints up well. This was the mini I didn't want to hack up for last month's random champion since I had an idea how I wanted her to look and chose the model accordingly.

She has a quartet of chaos goblin attendants to look after her various magical accoutrements. These fun fellows are by Aaron Howdle, from his Iron Hammer Miniatures range.

She also has an elite bodyguard of beastmen. For this little unit I picked out all the 'random' animal beastmen in my collection- two pigs, a fox (or more likely intended as a wolf) and a sea horse. The idea being that they are victims of her magical experiments. Were they originally human or originally animal? Only Luxetia (and possibly the unfortunate victim) knows. The fox man is Citadel, the piggy dude on the left is a random Akheton miniature (I think intended as a pig-faced orc?) and the other two are from Knightmare Miniatures' first Pantheon of Chaos KS. I have to say I'm not generally a fan of the range and had difficulty picking figures to fill out my pledge having gone in for the one model based on the Tony Ackland nurgle champion from The Lost And The Damned, but I think these painted up nicely.

Now to the dragon ogres... "Dragon OgreS? I thought there was only one" you cry. Well, yes. I did roll one dragon ogre. But see a couple of years back I was commissioned to sculpt a dragon ogre to complement the Nick Bibby original and provide the other poses seen in the Tony Ackland drawing from the book.

So you see, having had a couple of these sat alongside the Bibby sculpt in my cabinet for some time I couldn't only do one of them could I? They needed to be painted up as a trio. And, of course, it gets me ahead for those months where I struggle to find the time...

Onwards to January!


Monday, 6 December 2021

The Golden Gobbo painting competition 2021

 After a year off the Golden Gobbo is back!

These are this year's entries, and a cracking bunch they are too. Have a look for yourselves...

Squiggy Stardust

Standin' in the Shadows

Prodsaloatl and his trusty companion of the great coastal city of Saltxoats coastwatch

The Unexpected Morley

Halfling Ranger



Heer Toaday

Scrutbag da Bone Wiz

Ruglud's Armoured Mate

The Miniature with No Name


Now go take another look and try and decide which is your favourite. 

Hard isn't it?

Got one?

Remember the name?

Then follow this link and vote away! :)


Tuesday, 23 November 2021

The 333 3rd Ed Challenge- Retinue of the Crimson Countess


This was originally going to be the warband of Luxetia Bourgeoia, a half-elf sorceress and daughter of Vitolio. However, having rolled the warband (you can see it for yourself on YouTube) I decided that the attributes I had rolled better suited the strange, desiccated sorceress I picked up in the original Diehard Miniature Kickstarter. I therefore decided to save Luxetia for December and give this warband to a previously un-envisaged character.

The Crimson Countess is the great, great Grandmother of Vitolio Bourgeoia. For half a decade she has been believed to lie interred in the family crypt. In fact she had sold her soul to Slaanesh many years before her offspring took the same path. Having attained semi-daemonhood she was summoned by Vitolio to help with his rise to Psychopomp and now she reigns behind the scenes 'advising' her descendants on how to hold onto power as firmly as she did.

The Countess' retinue is made up of the Crimson Bulls of the Bourgeoias. These terrifying fiery beasts and sent to quash any rebellion against the house. 

These minotaurs were converted many, many years ago using Ogre Kingdom bits to fill in missing weapons and puttying some rough flames to hide damage to the heads and make it look as if they were stepping out of fiery portals... to disguise the fact that none of them had their other legs! My original intention was to use them in a Chaos Dwarf army around the time of Tamurkhan, but that never happened and they languished unpainted for ages. My early sculpting work was too stubborn to be undone so I just had to paint it and hope for the best! 

I only rolled two minotaurs and failed the roll to make one a hero, but as I was painting minotaurs I thought for consistency I would paint all the ones I had. Including my absolute favourite, this Trish Morrison minotaur lord, he's a beast! When the points are totted up at the end and extra units recruited I'm sure I'll find some allowance to add the extra mino and a hero to the warband.

The three beastmen I decided should continue the bullish flavour so I picked out three lesser minotaurs to represent them. I have since found a fourth lurking on the shelf who may have to join them! The one in the middle is one of my absolute favourite Chaos models (two in one band!) so I really enjoyed painting her/him/it(?) up at long last.

I also topped up the points with part of Vitolio's warband I didn't have last month. As previously mentioned these are the Choir of Menoth Warmachine figures, nice ecclesial-looking acolytes for the dark pontiff. There are actually only two poses in here, I bent the scroll arms a bit for variety. Unfortunately they really don't rank up so well on 20mm bases...

The scrolls read corrupted versions of some of the 10 commandments. In true Slaaneshi style they seem like they are promoting proud liberal values but taken at face value they can all be twisted to serve sadistic purposes.

And here's the whole force so far. Definitely getting somewhere at 20% of the completed army and still having a nice cohesion thanks to a deliberate choice of three colours used in various mixes throughout.


Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's