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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Painted Fimir Fianna Fimm, and vintage Fimir!

Well, last night the girls were having an intense session getting Etsy shops underway so I set to on the Fianna Fimm. Whilst the paint was mixed I thought I might as well include the lovely vintage Fimir model from the hands of Jes Goodwin sometime in the 80s.

I have followed the same colour scheme as the Fimm and Mistmor in painting the Fianna, but have given them woad spirals to mark them out as elites. I also added some silver on the sword blades.... the only other place silver appears in the army is on the Mistmor chainmail to provide contrast with the plates. Fimir are naturally averse to Iron and so their weaponry tends to be made of 'Bog Iron' or bronze, which is their main commodity in their dealings with the Hobgoblins. Because the Fianna's swords are based on the trial swords in the Dark Crystal, and these are silver, I didn't want to just paint them all bronze. Maybe these coveted weapons, which the Fianna use in their initiation combats and keep afterwards as a badge of honour, are solid silver? Who knows?...

From the top, showing the bellowing Fimm:

And just because..... "Haakskeekah!"

The unit will feature a large rock formation reminiscent of the stone in the film... with appropriate adornment! Whilst I've already finished this I'll wait until the unit is finished before posting pictures.


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fianna Fimm greens

My first two Fianna Fimm are now sculpted. With a unit filler they should make up part of a unit of 15 when finished. I've taken moulds from the bodies of these two and hope to cast 4 of each in resin, sculpting the heads and tails afterwards and reposing a bit for variation. The Fianna are based on the 'trial by stone' (Haaakskeeekah!) from the Dark Crystal, hence their Haakskarl blades (great weapons). The unit champion is going to be based more closely on the Garthim Master.

I made the second one bellowing because I really liked my shouting Fimm and wanted this unit to have one too, I only realised afterwards that he has a striking (no pun intended!) resemblance to the Chamberlain in this shot:



Saturday, 2 June 2012

A retreat somewhere dry... part 2!

Here's part of what has been distracting me from finishing the Fimir over the last few months, apart from all the 40k stuff, of which more later.

My egyptian elves are rocking along nicely. Mainly the plastic elves from the Island of Blood, alongside Celtos Sidhe and the lovely Wargods of Aegyptus models.

20 Swordmasters, a combination of the IoB figures and Sidhe greatswords:

20 Seaguard, a combination of IoB and Sidhe spears/archers:

Mage number 1, a Basti master of words, and 5 Shadow warriors, converted old wardancers:

10 archers, Wargods Basti archers:

10 archers, LotR elves and Sidhe archers. The LotR elves are a bit slimmer than the others in the army, but not too much so as to look wierd mixed in:

The still unpainted units. IoB griffin (it's a great eagle, does anyone use it as a griffin? Shame, such a pretty model completely rendered useless by bad rules!), 5 Reavers and the beginnings of a spearmen unit made up of LotR elves and Sidhe:

And the IoB mage, along with 20 Wargods Basti. The intention is to paint them cream and use them as White Lions (ba-dum tish), but since I'm mainly facing Skaven I'm using them as Phoenix Guard for now. I'd like to get some Wargods Heru to be the Phoenix Guard in the long run.

My general with his harem:

The 'camp followers':

The warriors, Basti skirmishers and harem guard:


The next unit for the Fimir... the Bansidheia

The Fimir have new (although unpainted) allies. Introducing the Bansidheia:

Among the Atrebodil tribe there are some women who volunteer themselves to the Fimir. These are treated with great respect and privilege, available only to proven Fimm, Flaiths and Flaithmor, however the cyclopsian creatures are not undemanding of the qualities of these volunteers. In order to produce a strong breed of fine warriors only the toughest women are chosen, warriors in their own right. Candidates put themselves forwards once a year at a great midwinter ceremony, they become known as the Bansidheia and leave their settlements to join the Fimir, tasked with undertaking raids on their behalf, slaughtering and enslaving villages. Those who prove themselves over the course of the year are admitted into the harem of the clan Flaithmor. Occasionally a Bansidhe proves herself such a mighty warrior she is dubbed Icchareia and given oversight of the new Bansidheia.


Women who volunteer themselves to a Fimir clan; sometimes of their free will, more often to avoid the shame of being taken captive against their will and to gain the benefits awarded to those who go freely, are asked to prove their worth in combat. This is not without risk, since those who fail are either killed or taken to join those captured in Fimir raids. As a result, the Bansidheia are a determined fighting force, often sent out as an advance party to a main Fimir raid.

                        M   WS  BS  S   T  W   I   A  Ld  Type
Bansidhe         5     5     2    3    4   1   6   2   7    Inf
Banllebe          5     5     2    3    4   1   6   3   8    Inf

The Icchareia is a warrior-woman of great ferocity and might who has fought through the ranks of the Bansidheia to be awarded a position equal to the clan Flaithmor. Icchareia sometimes accompany the Flaithmor onto the battlefield, or take their places if the Flaithmor are detained. They command the full respect of the Fimm.
                                   M   WS  BS  S   T  W   I   A  Ld  Type
Icchareia                     5     5     3    3    4   2   7   3   8    Inf
 Iccharan pipes: The Icchareia’s role within the courts of the Fimm nobles includes the creation of music to please their consorts. Chiefly they employ the fabled Iccharan pipes, these magical instruments are charmed to affect the mood of the listener. In battle the Iccharan pipes can be played to drive the listeners into a fighting frenzy or calm them in the heat of battle. Each turn a unit contains an Icchareia and begins its turn not in combat the unit may receive either Always Strikes First or Stubborn. If the unit enters combat the ability remains until the end of the turn and is then lost, the Icchareia is too busy to play!

I've been collecting Celtos figures for the Bansidheia for a while now, but what I've really been after are the Rackham Confrontation Fiannas, sadly out of production and going for a pretty penny! A couple of weeks ago I managed to get my hands on four of these little ladies... only to find they're a little less little than I thought and make the Celtos ladies look even more teen. Ah well, spread throughout the unit they don't look too out of place, especially with the other brands of figures mixed in. I'm going to use the fianna musician as the Icchareia so it makes sense she might be a bit larger, especially if the rumours about the Antrebodil's chaos connections are true!

The difference in scale between the Celtos and Rackham figures:

With the Reaper and other types of figures, the scale range is a bit less pronounced:

Some duplicates in the unit. The first is a huntress from Reaper. Originally bought to be chained to a monolith she has been liberated and given a big Fimmy axe to provide a bit of a difference!

Another weapon swap:

A bit of bending just to change the line of the figure:

It'll be a while before the ladies join the army proper. I'm planning to paint each individually to match a painting from the Sword and Dragon Song series.


Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's