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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy birthday to yaaaarghrughrghhhhhh!!!!!......

One of my friends' birthdays is coming up and I'm keen to play some 40k Apocalypse so I figured he should have something big and gribbly for his 'Nid army. Now I haven't got £250+ to fork out on a Hierophant, but I do have some clay, plaster and latex.....


Now the brilliant thing about casting this as a present is that I will have the mould for future use, so if anyone wants a giant Giger-esque alien nasty just let me know. I'm sure a few will pop up on ebay to test the waters at some point.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mighty Horde of Mechanical Monstrosities!

I have begun making a display board for my Mechanicus, now that the army is nearly complete... in terms of models of course, not in terms of painting! This board splits into four pieces which slot nicely into my glass display cabinet to await their next confrontation. Hopefully at some point I'll put a nice veneer around the front with some classy brass labels or something, but for now they are snug in place and transportable and that's all that counts. Now I need to make a case that they will all pack into.

 The first block of Skitarii, maniples 2-4 with maniple Vesustus (2 plasma-toting platoon command squads) in front.


The second block of Skitarii (maniples 5-8) with Magos Signifer Romulus Arcana and his Praetorian veterans. Split between the two boards is the Company Command Squad. Also next to the Skitarii on each board are two maniples of Sagittarii with heavy weapons. The Star Wars Telusian Tank Droid will be a heavy walker, but I need to get two more to make a decent squad.


 Next to a Chimaera (I know, it's ACTUALLY a GW model! But it isn't actually a Chimaera, it's a Basilisk with a rebuilt hull!) is a squad of 10 Centauri (Rough Riders) and two Tech Priests (Enginseers) with four servitors each. The servitors are Dark Vengeance cultists with extensive amalgamation. Across the front of the board are the Servitori Interiti, combat servitors with an assortment of nasty chain appendages laser cut from mounting board. They're currently headless until I get the heads I've sculpted for them cast. The bodies are Mantic Ghouls. I wanted a gringly bunch of arcoflagellant types to tear ahead of the army but don't like the style (or price!) of the GW ones. These guys look like they're on the brink of falling apart.

Each 10-strong squad of Interiti is watched over by a  Magos with twin Eviscerators and their attendants. Each has a Cydonian Sister (Sister Repentia), an Arcoflagellant and two bodyguards (with hockey masks of course, perfect for chainsaw-wielding!). 

The Centauri's bigger, badder cousins, the Colossi. These guys count as Ogryn and are made from Mutant Chronicles figures mounted on chopped-around tank chassis.

In between the Colossi and the Leman Russ Destroyer (didn't you recognise it?!) are the Drogues. These servitors are equipped with Plasma Guns and Lasguns and accompany the Skitarii into battle. Peeping out behind them is a half-built drill. I'm going to take two castings of this guy. Originally I wanted them to represent Hades Breacher Drills, but since they got properly nerfed in the last edition of Apocalypse I might just count them as Chimaeras and mount my Veterans in them.

 Vexillarius Sepulchrade hiding behind another Magos and his retinue. Behind him are some Trollblood Stonescribes which I intend to mechanical up. I've already filed down their axes and added chainblades, given one a chainsword, replaced the arms of one with electro flails and added some auspexes to their leader.

 Inspired by Spiky Rat Pack's Red Priest I wanted a featureless, flying nasty as my Archmagos. A pair of laser cut wings and some green stuff later and Archmagos Ferrestrix was born. As a companion I made him a lady Magos (Magess?) with a big pair of.... chainsaws, where was your mind going?!

The astute among you might ask "Why leave that big gap at the back? Your Skitarii are all squashed up!". Why indeed you may ask. They are for something quite big, but I'm not saying anything just yet....


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