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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Woods Folk Cards preview

Finally finished putting together all the cards for The Woods release... ready to be uploaded at the weekend and downloaded by anyone for free from Monday onwards!

All the creatures featured on the cards will be released by Oakbound Miniatures via  a kickstarter in June/July, updates on sculpts will be posted as they come in. :) Think I'll do the Leprechaun contingent next, they should be lots of fun!


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

British Bank Holidays, bored? Here's a free board game to liven up the inevitable drizzle of the day!

Oakbound games are a gnat's whisker away from releasing The Woods, a Celtic myth inspired board game and roleplay system based on rituals and rites of passage.
You will be able to download everything you need to play the board game for free from from midnight sunday, ready for a fun May Day bank holiday's gaming. The roleplay system will follow in a few weeks and the miniatures range is gearing up for release in June/July. Keep posted with updates on the Oakbound Miniatures website


Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Woods- some WIP greens

Yesterday we had a great day running around in the woods filming a video for The Woods miniatures Kickstarter which is scheduled for late June, early July time. As a result I have been spurred on to get some more work done on them (they've been a bit sidelined whilst I work on the rules, board, cards and my freelance props work). So here are a few more WIP shots of some creatures from the realm of fae:

Barguest (multipart model with posable legs and head) and Bucca

Glaistig and Huldra

Selkie and Big Spriggan


This was also a chance to take a late entry to the classic warhammer armies poses for the Oldhammer forum:

Shame the Fimir of Mael Fenn came out a bit blurry and my own ugly mug managed to get in sharp focus!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Green Woods, or Woods Greens, part 2!

The very talented Mr Calum Jelf came over at the weekend to discuss the filming of the Woods promo video and to take a few trial shots of the sculpts. He's just sent me some of the pictures and they're really beautiful. Some nice ones of the Marsh Demons too to replace my rather fuzzy ones currently on the shop web page! I think you'll agree he does a nice job, can't wait to see how the film turns out!

Spooky Phooka

Assorted Folk- Gnomes, Fae, Shellycoat, Sprite, Fodden, Boobrie etc.

Myeri Draoi with her blind crows
Myeri Clubtail Curadh

Myeri Tiarna with Haakskarl Sword.... mmmmm?


Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Liebster Goeth...

Right, nominations time! No idea how we see who's already been nominated, but I haven't seen anything about the Liebster Award on any of these blogs so I guess they're fair game. Anyhow, these are all brilliant sites full of juicy gamey goodness. Check 'em out!

1)Darkling Games some beautiful sculpting going on here
2)Where the sea pours out stick some Fimir on your blog, that's a good way to get me interested!
3) Last Chance War stunningly painted, photographed and narrated battle reports
4) Somewhere the tea's getting cold nice range of old school fun and frolics
5) Oldhammer 40k old stuff and new stuff in a classical fashion
6) Old Orcs never die, they just get better painted!
7) I like painting lead as good with a pen as he is with a brush, and some lovely terrain making
8) I need some time and space Scottish Lovecraft games and stuff
9) Garganthar he doesn't just do dwarves you know! Or so I hear...
10) Erny's Place he's got a ton of boxes in his garage, and I won't stop checking back until I've sen what's in all of them!
11) Gardens of Hecate absolutely stunning miniature overhaul and gringly painting, the garden's looking lovely!

And your questions...

1) What was the first miniature you bought, and do you still have it?
2) Acrylics, enamels or oils?
3) Thing you've bought you most regretted?
4) What could you have been if things had been different?
5) Most sought-after gaming accessory?
6) D&D?
7) Nerdiest claim to fame?
8) How did you find out you'd been nominated? (I'm assuming if you don't answer you haven't realised!)
9) Do you check in on the Oldhammer Forum or Facebook Group?
10) How much is too much for a lump of lead?
11) If you could live anywhere (real or fictional) it would be?

Off you go chaps!


The Liebster cometh

Mr Chico from Oldhammer on a budget (yes, he of goat fame) sent me one of these things.

Ah, the virtual chain letter! So 11 truths, 11 questions and 11 nominations. Here goes...

11 Truths:
1) I live in a small, shared house I am slowly dominating with my junk.
2) Between my girlfriend and I we exist on about half the average UK wage (artists eh? :) ).
3) I am mid-theology degree and training to be a Baptist Minister.
4) I take my tea black.
5) I resisted gothic tendencies until my early twenties when I discovered The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim and the Sisters of Mercy (before then the goths I knew listened to Slipknot and Korn)
6) Costumes I've made have won both first and second prizes at the Victorian Steampunk Society's Asylum.
7)  I currently have an alien head in its mould, a sculpt for an alien egg and a wolf's head on my workbench, all 1:1 scale.
8) I work as a technician in a school, have two freelance businesses and am a director of a community interest company.
9) I almost never complete projects I do for myself.
10) I love playing the guitar but haven't picked one up for over a year now.
11) I was an extra on the set of Billy Elliott as a kid.

11 Questions:
1. How long have you been in this wonderful (Read: geeky) hobby?

I got a copy of Heroquest for my 7th birthday and never looked back. Well, except for the time in my late teens when I decided I'd grown up, gave everything away and then had to buy everything back at stupid prices when I realised I hadn't actually grown up!

 2. Relating to the hobby what have you daydreamed about most?

Having a beautiful, intricate olde worlde game board and a completed army painted to Golden Demon standards, and I mean 88-91 standard GD.

 3. Out of every game system which gets you most excited?

Still love the dungeon crawl, but Necromunda is currently my favourite. It was just being launched as I was getting into the hobby proper (WD 190 was the first one I bought) and has always had a draw for me.

 4. How much do you love me?

Proportionately to the amount of goat pictures you post.

 5. Favourite White Dwarf number?

102. Although it's currently on loan to a friend who's moving house, NOOOOOO! It will be lost in boxes forever!!!!! Dark future and Fimir, what's not to love? :) And there are some beautiful Eavy Metal pages, featuring some of Kev Adam's orc conversions from the Goblinoids combat cards deck, great to see them from different angles.

 6. Are you going to the Oldhammer Weekend?

No, sadly the option to hold it over the west side of the country was vetoed.

 7. Favourite adult beverage?

Ales, red and dark.

 8. Have you been to Warhammer World


 9. What do you love about Oldhammer/Retro Gaming?

The emphasis on story over success (never had much of a head for strategy) and the DIY attitude as an antidote to GW's current BIFU (buy it from us) agenda.

 10. How much have you sepnt on your hobby in the last 5 years?

I haven't sepnt anything. But spent? Well, too much, though I try to spend as little as possible and use a bit of creativity to get around it. I probably spend more on scenic materials, paint, casting materials, putty and brushes than on minis.

 11. Why do you read my Blog, Oldhammer on a Budget?

It pops up in my blog feed... oh, and sometimes there are some nice miniatures. Actually, quite often there are nice miniatures, just a shame the pictures don't show them off. :)

OK, that's me done. I'll do other questions and nominations in a bit.


Friday, 4 April 2014

Tripods! The British await the invasion....

As news reaches me here that the boards, cards, boxes, dice and other its and pieces are currently winging their way across the Atlantic the industrious Brits have also been busy.

Those following on our facebook page will know we've just wrapped up a competition to design some Victorian meeples for the game. The competition has now closed, the winners have been chosen and the prototype meeples have been produced so without further ado allow me to unveil.....

The NEW LONDON POPULACE as it awaits invaders from elsewhere:


Now to officially coin the term "Meepods"! :D


Fimm McCool's

Fimm McCool's