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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Liebster Goeth...

Right, nominations time! No idea how we see who's already been nominated, but I haven't seen anything about the Liebster Award on any of these blogs so I guess they're fair game. Anyhow, these are all brilliant sites full of juicy gamey goodness. Check 'em out!

1)Darkling Games some beautiful sculpting going on here
2)Where the sea pours out stick some Fimir on your blog, that's a good way to get me interested!
3) Last Chance War stunningly painted, photographed and narrated battle reports
4) Somewhere the tea's getting cold nice range of old school fun and frolics
5) Oldhammer 40k old stuff and new stuff in a classical fashion
6) Old Orcs never die, they just get better painted!
7) I like painting lead as good with a pen as he is with a brush, and some lovely terrain making
8) I need some time and space Scottish Lovecraft games and stuff
9) Garganthar he doesn't just do dwarves you know! Or so I hear...
10) Erny's Place he's got a ton of boxes in his garage, and I won't stop checking back until I've sen what's in all of them!
11) Gardens of Hecate absolutely stunning miniature overhaul and gringly painting, the garden's looking lovely!

And your questions...

1) What was the first miniature you bought, and do you still have it?
2) Acrylics, enamels or oils?
3) Thing you've bought you most regretted?
4) What could you have been if things had been different?
5) Most sought-after gaming accessory?
6) D&D?
7) Nerdiest claim to fame?
8) How did you find out you'd been nominated? (I'm assuming if you don't answer you haven't realised!)
9) Do you check in on the Oldhammer Forum or Facebook Group?
10) How much is too much for a lump of lead?
11) If you could live anywhere (real or fictional) it would be?

Off you go chaps!


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