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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Green Woods, or Woods Greens, part 2!

The very talented Mr Calum Jelf came over at the weekend to discuss the filming of the Woods promo video and to take a few trial shots of the sculpts. He's just sent me some of the pictures and they're really beautiful. Some nice ones of the Marsh Demons too to replace my rather fuzzy ones currently on the shop web page! I think you'll agree he does a nice job, can't wait to see how the film turns out!

Spooky Phooka

Assorted Folk- Gnomes, Fae, Shellycoat, Sprite, Fodden, Boobrie etc.

Myeri Draoi with her blind crows
Myeri Clubtail Curadh

Myeri Tiarna with Haakskarl Sword.... mmmmm?


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  1. Great more figures I'd need to buy heh.. never ending list lol


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