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Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Woods- some WIP greens

Yesterday we had a great day running around in the woods filming a video for The Woods miniatures Kickstarter which is scheduled for late June, early July time. As a result I have been spurred on to get some more work done on them (they've been a bit sidelined whilst I work on the rules, board, cards and my freelance props work). So here are a few more WIP shots of some creatures from the realm of fae:

Barguest (multipart model with posable legs and head) and Bucca

Glaistig and Huldra

Selkie and Big Spriggan


This was also a chance to take a late entry to the classic warhammer armies poses for the Oldhammer forum:

Shame the Fimir of Mael Fenn came out a bit blurry and my own ugly mug managed to get in sharp focus!


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