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Monday, 31 July 2017

Oi! Yoo! Whurr you bin?!

The gaming highlight of the year has gone past again, leaving in its wake a ton of hilarious memories and crazy ideas for the next year's projects. But this isn't a post about BOYL, just one prompted by it.

I must have had no less than a dozen conversations over the weekend about how traffic on the forum has slowed over the last year and blogging seems to have dropped off whilst Facebook posts have become the new way of sharing. Personally I find Facebook is ok for a quick-fix, but I like more detailed accounts of people's projects, work in progress shots and articles which are archived in such a way that they can be found again years later. For that the forum and blogs are my preferred platform. A chat in the pub on Friday night revealed that my last post on this blog was back in... well, you can see for yourself! Guilty as charged of neglecting my preferred platform due to time pressure. Well, I resolve to fix that in the coming year.

To get started here are some of the things that I've been working on which have taken time away from blogging stuff-

33 old-worlde buildings, 12 hobbit holes and 170 townsfolk plus assorted bar furniture, livestock, crates, barricades etc. have kept me plenty busy. Could have very easily blogged about those things, didn't. Bad man. You can find a record of most of the buildings HERE and if you're interested in some free townscapes laser cutter files I prepared for the project you can grab them at:


For an Arts Trail in June I put the finishing touches to my snowy mountain board. Now I have the buildings and the board, and a large undead horde... who wants to play some Lichemaster?!!


My post-apocalyptic skirmish game for Oakbound Studio is mid-production with about 25% of the starter miniatures sculpted, the rulebook well underway and art pouring in from a team of excellent artists including Carl Critchlow, Tony Yates, Mike Tenebrae and Simon Lee Tranter. It's shaping up to be a mega-fun project and you can keep track of progress on Oakbound's facebook page, but I shall try to remember to post about it here too! Scheduled for an October Kickstarter.


Still haven't quite finished the shields, but thanks to the excellent Peter Acs I now have all the large shields I need. Should really get started so I can write this one off as done. There was an unexpected bonus at BOYL this weekend, look who was in one of the cabinets (not the one on the left, that's mine!)- the original Nobrun Darkfist! One of the pics on the right is from Bryan's collection, the other is my reproduction... I'm sure you can guess which is which but nevertheless I was pretty chuffed with the similarity. Remind me to post here as I'm doing the shields!


What can we look forward to me actually getting my arse in gear and blogging about in the near future? Well, there's a lot of Factious Waste to do- post apocalyptic vehicles (thanks to Curtis for the box of miscasts he brought to BOYL), wasteland hipstaers, pulp gangsters, crazed enforcers that kind of thing. There was also a lot of talk on Saturday night about Star Bastards... a concept I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more of as people return to their workbenches. Still a few bits to finish for my Lichemaster army, then I want to get on to Boris' amazing Heroquest box art minis, my slaanesh vs exodites diorama, my halfman army, a snotling siege force for BOYL next year... there's plenty left to do! Stay tuned, and keep blogging!

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