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Saturday, 2 June 2012

A retreat somewhere dry... part 2!

Here's part of what has been distracting me from finishing the Fimir over the last few months, apart from all the 40k stuff, of which more later.

My egyptian elves are rocking along nicely. Mainly the plastic elves from the Island of Blood, alongside Celtos Sidhe and the lovely Wargods of Aegyptus models.

20 Swordmasters, a combination of the IoB figures and Sidhe greatswords:

20 Seaguard, a combination of IoB and Sidhe spears/archers:

Mage number 1, a Basti master of words, and 5 Shadow warriors, converted old wardancers:

10 archers, Wargods Basti archers:

10 archers, LotR elves and Sidhe archers. The LotR elves are a bit slimmer than the others in the army, but not too much so as to look wierd mixed in:

The still unpainted units. IoB griffin (it's a great eagle, does anyone use it as a griffin? Shame, such a pretty model completely rendered useless by bad rules!), 5 Reavers and the beginnings of a spearmen unit made up of LotR elves and Sidhe:

And the IoB mage, along with 20 Wargods Basti. The intention is to paint them cream and use them as White Lions (ba-dum tish), but since I'm mainly facing Skaven I'm using them as Phoenix Guard for now. I'd like to get some Wargods Heru to be the Phoenix Guard in the long run.

My general with his harem:

The 'camp followers':

The warriors, Basti skirmishers and harem guard:


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