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Friday, 9 August 2013

The Snots are back! The first base gets assembled about a year after purchase!

Well  my snotling army seems to have grown slightly over the last few months, and having spent a year in a drawer I thought it was high time to give the little buggers some love. Back when the army was starting the muster some genius (sorry, can't remember who it was or find the post) suggested that classic scene from Deathtrap Dungeon as reproduced here should be the theme for a base.

So I thought "that's a good place to start".
A bit of posing and light chopping/gluing and we have the first base assembled. No rocky pillar as yet but it'll come.

The guy walking on his hands was the most tricky to find a snot to fill the role, see if you can spot who it is!



  1. Apologies if it wasn't me but I do remember that image popping into my head when you first mentioned Snotlings and caves!

    That looks a great start - cracking work on the posing/cpmposition!

    Can't wait to see your version of their idol.

    1. Yup, I suspect it was your good self. Good thinking that man!


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