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Friday, 28 February 2014


Oakbound Games needs You!

We're almost there with getting Tripods! released, but now there's something fun adrift in all the administration...

We get to design our own meeples!


So come on guys, what does a VICTORIAN MEEPLE look like?

All the guidelines are on our website, pop on over to the Tripods link on the left to find them, but they're basically this.

You can have up to 10 different Meeple designs
Meeples must be able to stand up easily
Meeples must be no more than 15mm wide and 30mm high
Designs must read in silhouette, no stickers
Try to steer away from fine bits which might snap off
Email designs to, they'll be posted on the facebook page
You have until the 1st April

The winner will have the joy of seeing their design produced and sold with the Tripods! game, their name credited in the rulebook and a limited edition TRIPODS! T-SHIRT.


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