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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Liebing again!

Hello chaps.

Peter of Lead Rising has kindly nominated me for a Liebster...

Here, then, are 11 more (brief) truths you didn't want to know:

I've just moved onto a narrowboat (yes, there is a 6x4 gaming table... photos will follow soon)
Over the last 6 years I've spent 2 modelmaking in Germany.
I like Ales.
I've got a board game out, it's called Tripods, you can buy it here: Oakbound Games
This month I am mostly making 60's style martian rayguns for this film: Until the Day Breaks
I got my first ever 70+ essay grade last term.
My favourite book is Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake.
Favourite colour- dark green.
When I was growing up my favourite spot was a bench in the church graveyard.
I don't like bananas.
I'm sincerely hoping Larry Hama will get back to me about licensing Bucky O'Hare for a miniatures game.

Ok, answers:
  • Role play games, do you play them and if so which ones? Yes, but not very often. We had a Dark Heresy group going for a while, but it was so hard getting everyone together often enough. We ran it online for a bit and it petered out. I've also played Inquisitor, Rolemaster and Edge of the Empire and I own D&D (first edition) and WFRP but have never actually played them.
  • What is your single favourite miniature that is in your collection? Probably one of the Escher sculpts, they're such beautiful minis.
  • Do you attend wargaming tournaments? If so then do you prefer it to 'casual' gaming? I don't like tournaments, or any game where the emphasis is on tactics and winning rather than having fun and doing silly things with character!
  • What was the first miniature you ever purchased? An Orc Boarboy Boss in 1992
  • Have you ever tried writing your own game system? Yes, lots of them. A couple are currently available through Oakbound Games and another two are due for release in the next year.
  • Would you rather it was always windy or always raining? Raining. I hate the wind, it scares me.
  • What is the greatest sandwich you have ever made? The one with all the condiments in the cupboards... just the condiments!
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? Jim Henson.
  • What is your favourite TV show - current or past? The Dreamstone. I really hope Monster hurries up and releases the entire collected six series on DVD!
  • Pick your favourite - beer, cider, wine or spirits? Beer, Ale, dark.
  • Describe your perfect day. I'm not sure I could.
Now 11 nominations... well, actually, I kinda used up the gaming blogs I'm following on the last one so here are a few, not 11, unrelated blogs but blogs I enjoy:

Brian (and Wendy) Froud a huge influence, especially through the Dark Crystal, as you can probably tell from my sculpts...
Me ol' mucker and former housemate Roddy, of all things Lovecraftian fame.
Flo Boyd an old friend and talented illustrator.
Raffaele Marinetti who posts a lot of comic book characters, but occasionally a tasty fantasy piece. Tasty is the word really!
Vegetarianism for Carnivores some advice for meat-free meals that aren't just reproductions of meat meals with the main ingredient left out!
Thought and Reflections of my fellow minister chap Mike Shaw, I won't call him liberal (he might hit me!) but he's at the least clear-minded and critical in his thinking.

and last but not least

Solly Solomon a very talented portrait artist, the lady behind the artwork on Tripods and my very better half.

And to reflect the move away from the gaming sphere some loosely gaming-unrelated questions:

1) What did you do this afternoon?
2) What would you have liked to have done this afternoon?
3) Why did you start blogging?
4) What's the nicest email you ever got?
5) If you could meet one person (living or dead) who would it be? And...
6) What would you ask them?
7) Too hot or too cold?
8) Fries or chips?
9) What's your claim to fame?
10) If you could only listen to one album ever again, what would it be?
11) If you were to have a miniature version of yourself sculpted, what would you be doing, what game system (if any) would it be for and who would you get to sculpt it?

Well, there had to be a minis question in there somewhere!

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