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Monday, 26 March 2018

One week more...

Yup, just one more week and then I promise I will shut up about Factious Waste and post some hobby stuff. Promise! Well. BOYL's coming up after all...

You've probably all seen it by now, but in case there's anyone new looking this is a near-future skirmish game I've been working on for many years now. It takes a strategic, action-based system and places it in a broad and comprehensive campaign framework to give you a strong narrative without the highly random elements that so often come with such games. Much of the rulebook is dedicated to background, scenarios and campaign elements that would work with any tabletop skirmish, so even if you're not interested in learning a new game I hope you'll find plenty of useful inspiration here. The seven factions in the book cover sci-fi commandos, insane lawmen, space cowboys, techno barbarians, pulp gangsters, revolutionary anarchists and gadget-laden craftspeople from an earlier century, so whatever miniatures you like to game with you'll be able to find something that fits!

If you have any of The Woods books you can also mix in the Action Tables from there to give you riding beasts and 'magical' aspects to the game. Or, of course, you can take the vehicle and firearm rules from Factious Waste to mix into your sci-fantasy!


Thanks for looking.


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