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Friday, 14 September 2018


What do you do when you're at the start of an army painting challenge and you have 60 Clanrats and 5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers to paint before the end of the month? You spend a week painting Bob Olley ogres of course!

Someone (I forget who) did a bequtifully painted set of these great Ral Partha Europe ogres around Christmas last year, and (surprise surprise) they became one of the company's top selling miniatures ranges in December/January! I was among those who rushed to purchase them.

They have sat on my 'to paint' shelf giving me evil looks ever since, and having taken advantage of the nice weather over the summer to undercoat all the waiting miniatures it was nice and easy to grab them and get started when the mood took last Saturday.

I was getting a definite Scottish vibe off these chaps, so having had a break from tartan on my fimir, then just finished doing the tartan for my barbarians I decided to go for... more tartan! You'd think I'd be good at it by now, but it's still a right pain and I don't think I have it quite right.

In my head the fur trim is highland stag, but looking at the guy above it might be more Aberdeen Angus!

And here are two 'misfits'. The guy on the left is actually my reason for picking up so many ogres. After seeing JB's exquisite paint job I acquired one myself (through SHQ, although he doesn't appear on their website. I eventually tracked him down by emailing them a picture of JB's model) and imagined that the RPE ogres would be a similar size. They are actually much smaller, but enough of the Bob Olley character is shared by them that he just looks like a freakishly large member of the clan. A second edition of Golgfag makes a nice champion for the unit. Mine had a damaged club but I had a suitably large axe head spare.

Right, now onto the furry varmints... I promise!

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  1. Them's a bit nice.The fellow waving the mace looks like my brother in law.


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