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Monday, 11 February 2019

Woods terrain and photo shoot

Aaaargh! It's mid February! I have a March publishing date looming so things are very mental here, so much still to do! However, I have finished 6 boards for the new edition of The Woods and done the first photoshoot using them, so that's one thing off the list.

A bit of inspiration from the Isle of Skye for this rocky outcrop. It will site back to back for one big peak, front to front for a narrow valley or side by side for a ridgeline. This will probably be a big part of my display board for Salute.

Closer to home, these are inspired by Puzzlewood and the Forest of Dean Scowels. I want to keep adding stuff to these until it's properly overgrown.

Using castle bits from Scotia Grendel I have built a dwarf fortress in the rocks, kinda Game of Thrones I'm told (though I've never watched or read it). These go back to back to make a fortified island in the river, back onto the Storr rocks for a mountain backdrop or sit side by side with a gatehouse and drawbridge (yet to be painted) in the middle of the main wall.

And here are some photos of miniatures in their new surroundings:

(Huts from Fogou Models)

(Toadstools are Scotia Grendel)

(Stone circle from Scotia Grendel)



  1. Bloomin' Hec... them's a bit good. When can I play on them? Pretty Please. BTW, Puzzlewood is a favourite haunt of my clan too.

    1. Coming to BOYL? Or they'll be on display at Concord on the 23rd/24th and Salute in April.

  2. The boards are terrific, l particularly like the Isle ofSkye influenced one.


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