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Monday, 9 March 2020

The glorious 4th for Dave's 40th!

Another lovely weekend gaming at the Foundry! Here's my photodump, I'll be doing a bit of a round up in this week's Oakbound Studio video.

Matthew's wolfriders lasted, I think, 2 turns. Just one whole turn longer than Steve's Boar Boyz...

My section of the glorious orc line, supported by Steve's artillery battery.

Beetle baggage trains

My view of the enemy line.

Fisto preparing to do what he does best. He fisted hard, but he could not fist them all!

The rabble advances, enraged by the halfling hotpot's assault upon the Boris banner. Dripping with stew the orcs continue onward whilst their rock lobber spills the halflings' dinner and sends them running off in a huff. 

Turns out outriders are scared of spiders. Big girlies.

Whilst the 2-deck pump wagons struggle to pick up momentum the single-deck wagon careers ahead...

...straight into the war wagon. Smashing it to tiny little pieces. The pump wagon crew were set upon by enraged swordsmen, but their job was done.

The bored (and hungry) dragon decides to have a quick snack. That stray fanatic will be causing no more damage behind our lines!

Chris assesses just how much is left of the war altar after a big rock crushes the Grand Theogonist flat.

After two turns being forced to snake around a hill and another reforming the savage orcs finally kick their boars into top speed... just as the game draws to a close.



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Fimm McCool's