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Thursday, 24 December 2020

2020, 'tis an ill wind!

Happy Christmas everyone!
Well it's been a strange year, but time locked in means time for painting so my lead pile has got a lot more colourful over the last 9 months. Of course it may be a while before I get to actually play any games with them, but on the plus side those games will be much quicker and easier to run.
Oh, and no, it doesn't mean I have run out of miniatures...
I may have bought replacements!

Combined with the Heroquest diorama, Dark Elf vignette and some miniatures that have been sent to other places that totals 374 this year. More than 1 day, not a bad turnout at all!

Bring on 2021! 




  1. Wow! 374 to that standard is an incredible tally... congrats! Do you find yourself getting faster?

    1. No not really. But a lot of these are rank and file and I do find a certain swing coupled with a 'that will do' attitude that paces it up. I would still rather spend a week on a single figure so partly this year has been about cranking out units, reducing the leadpile so I can focus on individual models when my 'spare time' becomes scarce again.

  2. Superb pic, Geoff. Heres hoping some shows and games happen this year!


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