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Tuesday 9 April 2024

Dwarfing again

I had a dual need recently to cleanse my palate (and palette!) of goblins and to paint up some new gnomes for Oakbound so I got the last two units of my dwarf army done. Until the Infamous JT's infamous Kickstarter goes through of course!

The first is my new Oakbound gnomes with a couple of Harlequin extras. These were the guys I was playing around with sculpting as 3-ups, scanning and printing but you'll be pleased to hear they're proper metal casts. The idea was to get a little injection mould setup in place, but that might have to wait until summer. There are three different models, though really just weapon swaps (sword, axe and mace). They're based on the style of those lovely Marauder Longbeards and will be part of a special set coming out around the end of the year. Of course if you're going to be at Salute this weekend I just may be able to sort you out some advanced castings...

The second unit I worked on whilst I had the paints out are these lovely fellas I got from Theoc Games' Landsknechte Mercenary Dwarf Kickstarter last year. Their numbers padded out to an even 15 with a couple of Harlequin drunks whose attire looked like it fitted in nicely.

I went for the pikes as I was missing a solid 'regular' infantry core to the army and these guys have that Marauder vibe at a fraction of the price. I tried and failed to count how many variants (head and beard) there are, I think 4? Maybe 5? Anyhow, they make a nice block that will stand firm in the face of their enemies.

The pikes are quite thin and the top of one had snapped in the post, but this was easily swapped for a halberd head to give a good sergeant model. I haven't got any banners in the rest of the army and was going to keep them banner-less but I thought I would try this one. I'm thinking it's actually made of brass since they're an artillery company. Still undecided, but now it's painted it will probably stay. If you like 'em you can get these guys through Macrocosm now.



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