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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The court of Shah Kahan

The next unit for my Egyptian High Elves is painted, hooray! These Cat People are the court of my General, Shah Kahan (front rank centre) and include his harem, entertainers, catering staff and personal bodyguard.

 The figures are Wargods of Aegyptus Basti, and very pretty and fun to paint they are too! For gaming purposes these are White Lions of Chrace (Badum-tish!), I had toyed with painting them albino but wanted them to match in with the other units rather than stand out to conspicuously. My Cat Mage is white with snow-leopard spots and I'm thinking of painting the griffon of my elf hero as a snow leopard too, I like the idea of snow leopards in the desert! Ultimately my White Lions became more based on Sand Cats than anything else, but I have put white manes on some of the more senior figures as a nod to the GW white lions themselves.

Harem Guard



Personal Bodyguard

 General Shah Kahan and his Harem

Here's a picture of the painted force so far, only Ellyrian Reavers, a unit of Spearmen, a high elf mage and the elf heo on griffon to go!



  1. Like the idea of a whole unit of lackeys for the general!

  2. WOW!!! Those Cat People just ROCK!! I spilled my coffee while admiring them. Very impressive work.


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