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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little Green Usurpers!

Chaos Dwarves have pretty much been forward in my hobby mind of late, but just this week I received this little beauty in the post:

Now, he's set aside for a special project, but since I was dancing around the room in excitement over the thought of a Snotling my good lady said "why don't you make an entire Snotling army?". Of course, some people have done, and of course all the things I immediately thought of (rat cavalry, bat-riding snotlings etc etc...) have been attempted, but the lists I can see don't look all that exciting so I thought I might try something along these lines:

Cave Snotling Army List:

Lords: Big Momma Snot (4,3,2,3,3,6,6,5,7, 30pts) on 40mm base with a retinue of 3 snotling guards
          Tribal Chiefling (4,3,2,3,4,6,6,6,7, 35pts) on 40mm base with retinue of 4 snotling guards

Heroes: Big Snot (4,3,2,2,3,6,5,6,6, 25pts) on 40mm base with retinue of 4 snotling guards
            Shaman (4,1,0,2,2,4,3,6,6, 25pts) on 40mm base with entourage of 3 wierdling apprentices
(Note- of course, snotlings dislike and never use magic. The snotling shaman instead has several potions at his disposal which produce random, comical effects each turn- on a realm-of-chaos-style massive effect generator. If the shaman dies, as a result of his potion or otherwise, one of his apprentice wierdlings steps forward.)

Core: Tribesnot base (4,2,0,2,2,5,3,3,4, 15pts)
         Huntsnot base (4,2,2,1,2,5,3,3,4, 15pts)

Special: Snotling Brave base (4,2,2,2,3,5,3,5,4, 20pts)
            Ratlings (rat:6,3,0,2,2,1,4,1,6 snotling rider:4,2,2,1,1,1,3,1,4, 4pts) 20mm base
            Pump Wagon (2d6,-,-,4,4,3,-,-,- crew:-,2,-,2,-,-,3,3,4, 45pts)

Rare: Batling (bat:1,3,0,2,2,1,1,1,3 snotling rider:4,2,2,1,1,1,3,1,4, 6pts) 20mm base
         Sawmaster base (4,2,0,2,2,5,3,3,4, 25pts) - based on the classic 'snotling sawmaster and dwarf with inferiority complex' figures... special rules for popping up from holes to take down warmachines!
         Wild Squig (4,4,0,5,3,1,3,2,3, 8pts) 20mm base

What do people reckon? I've made the price of snotling bases cheaper because if they're the mainstay of the army there need to be plenty of them... plus I think they're overpriced anyway. Not sure whether snotling characters should be individually based (or how that would work ranking them up) so I've gone for swarm bases for all now, with the option to upgrade Big Snots and Chieflings and their retinue to rat/batlings- not sure how that would work then mixing the stats together, might have to make them individual characters that come with free 'retinue' snots. There also needs to be a whole lot more mushroom action in the army! Ideas?


  1. Oh man - and I thought the fimir were it!

    I was thinking about what my favourite mini was for the Oldhammer Golden Gobbo painting competition and I'd forgotten about this little beaute. It was love at first sight when I spied him in the old Goblinoid citadel combat cards.

    As for your proposed army - I'd have my champions based as a swarm - surrounded bny lackeys, admirers and various hangers on. Not dissimilar to your Big Momma Snot!

    Bat and rat riders sound fun but I immediately pictured a snotling version of the Grenadier giant with howdah - except with an unfortunate Ogre crawling with snotties.

    Tunnelers or Burrowers sound interesting too.

    As for mushrooms - what about Shriekers and possibly some form of fungus based artillery?

  2. Hehe, just finished my entry for the golden gobbos and it is snotling-related... Think you'd find the project for which I invested in that little rarity exciting too, it's being going over a year in the collecting and I'm nearly ready to start painting, stay tuned!

    Shriekers sound a good idea, and I do like the idea of shroomtillery (or sporetillery?). One of the shaman's potions is going to result in a "catastrophic pop of doom" where the shaman's head effectively becomes a stone thrower with exploding ammo! Not so good for the shaman... besides that I'd not really thought of war machines, except the pump wagons of course. Oh, and one of the other potion powers will turn the shaman irrevocably back into the mushroom from which he came. "Remember that thou art mush, and to mush you shall return!"

    I've seen a few people mention giants and ogres, certainly might give the snots a fighting chance. Would have to be a cave troll though wouldn't it?!!! That'd be fun, troll cavalry.

    1. Sounds intriguing - look forward to seeing your entry!

      Shroomtillery sounds about right - 'cos is goes Ka-shroomm!

      The shaman's potions sound suitably anarchic too.

      Troll cavalry could work - wouldn't want to be the poor snottie dangled in front of the troll's nose to make it run forwards though ;)

      Another idea I had, which might be a bit of a bugger to model but quite amusing, would be Snotling weapon teams. Nothing special, just 4 or more snotties attempting to wield a regular sized sword/spear. They could have a strength bonus to bring them up to a par with a human at the cost of the extra attacks they would normally have.

      Anyway, snots shouldn't get a fighting chance - they should just fight dirty.

      Hmm - excrement flingers could be another unit type...

  3. Thought I might have some tied up halflings or dwarves to lure the trolls out! Call them Bert, Tom and William perhaps? :) I've seen some bases of 3 or more 15mm gobbos carrying big spears, can't remember where though. Guess they'd be a bit like the goblin squig herders. Totally agree the point of playing a snotty army is to have a fun and characterful game full of carnage, wackiness, back-stabbing, trickery and bizarre happenings... whether the snots win or not (unlikely!) isn't really the point!


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