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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Crimbo Time!

It's Christmas! To quote Noddy Holder...

That means time for some pressies for friends and family. Last year my gaming chums got some sculpts, blue scribes and a space wolves contemptor dreadnought. This year I had a bit less time, but a syrplus of snotlings! So we present some personalised snotty conversions:

For my Ratman friend, a unit filler for the Skavenslaves unit... dissent in the ranks, just what every verminous warlord needs!

 For my Bretonnian colleague; Robin Snot, scourge of the greenwood. An extra chappie for an archer regiment.

For my Blood Angels pal; the Red Sparrow. An irksome jump-pack-sporting nutcase with more firepower than is good for him! Commander Dante's sidekick?!

And last but not least, my good lady gets a 2CV packed full of mushroom-munching, grass-smokin' hippie snots off to cut some weeds! Flower power y'all!

Oh, and my entry for the 2nd Golden Gobbo competition is finished... tough not to post pics on here but it has to be a surprise! Happy Crimbo everyone!

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