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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

At the end of a busy month....

Well I've been absent for a month, plenty of wintery painting time has happened and the Mechanicus are well advanced. They've even fought their first battle (drew). Here are some shots of the painted army as it stands, apologies for the lousy picture quality. There's loads more in the pipeline and better pics will be posted soon on the Cult Mehcanicus page (here). Enjoy!

The core of the force, made up mainly from Warzone mutant chronicles figures

Seven Skitarii Hyspasist maniples (infantry squads), each with a Tessararius (sergeant)

Two Praetorian (veteran) squads with plasma weapons and the command maniple (company command squad), bodyguards and advisors

Four Sagittarii maniples (heavy weapon squads) and all but two of the platoon command maniple members (platoon command squads) with much plasma to boot!

Up next I need to work on the Vexillarius, Tanks, Rough Rider and Ogryn equivalents and servitor squads, hopefully that'll break up the uniformity of the army a bit and give it a stronger, twisted mechanicus feel.


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  1. The uniform look your army has so far kind of reminds me of those great cover illustrations on WD of huge hordes of Space Maries marching across the battlefield.

    Looking forward to your take on the more twisted Mechanicus stuff too!


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