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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Happy 10,000th view day to you!

Hooray! Today the GamesOrkshop passed it's 10,000th view... thanks everyone who turned up and made it happen! To celebrate, and in commemoration of the 21st joinee (Headnhalf of ilikepaintinglead, welcome) I decided to get all my (painted) Mechanicus out and have a big battle between them and the Fimir... Who will win?

The Fimm and the Mistmor launch their assault on the Mechanicus' right flank.


 On the left flank the Bansidheia, Tuatha and Shearl , supported by a Jabberwock and Dirach, come up against plasma weapons and Colossi.

The Dirach's daemonic magic holds off the Colossi... for the moment.

 Whilst the ancient plasma weapons of the veteran Skitarri keep the Jabberwock at bay.

The clan Drui stands alone...

...against a horde of Interiti!

 Fimir slavers lead units of Bolg and Tuatha to his defence.

The Fianna Fimm stand resolute against a Servitor Interiti maniple lead by a fearsome Magos and his retinue.

Archmagos Ferrestrix and Signifer Romulus oversee the Mechanicus assault.

Kelpies appear from the bogs at the rear of the Mechanicus' line.

The Marsh Chariot ploughs through the front ranks of the Skitarri.

 And just because I haven't posted these guys painted here yet... some Colossi- Forge World mining constructs appropriated for military use.



  1. I am aghast, simply fantastic

  2. That is truly superb! It must have taken ages to stage all that! Thanks for doing it, totally worth it.

    I am on Jabberwock overload this week, Goblin Lee has just painted a couple up, you should check them out.

  3. I loved the scene.
    But that is a variant futuristic army Imperial Guard?

    I must say that you have a good army Fimir. I think they need green skins (other than the shearl slaves) that are Boglars (marsh goblins) related by the Gnoblars more than Goblins.

    But other than that, I loved it.

    1. Not sure what the question is about the Guard, they're an Adeptus Mechanicus force.

      I totally disagree about green Fimir. Yes Heroquest suggested they were greenskins, but most of the GW Fimir were painted brown shades and I wanted to distance these guys from Orcs and Goblins, their background is completely different, they are not related in any way.


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