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Friday, 15 November 2013

Post 100- The Myeri arrive!

And most of them have left to go to their new swampy homes; in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Japan, Australia and America! Some are still here though, so if you'd like the leftovers get in quickly!

Here's a bag of lovely lead... what nice things lurk inside?
These! Quite a contingent of gribbly monsters, shown here without their numerous heads, arms, tails, pet birds etc. Don't want any little bits getting lost!

And my greens came back! Now looking decidedly baked there's a surprising amount which can be salvaged, looks like I'll have some in my own army after all.



  1. ooooo! Lovely lead, how would one go about getting hold of a set of these fine beasts?

    1. Find me on the oldhammer forum or send me an email at, there are a few leftover from this batch but if what you want isn't to hand I'll be ordering again from the foundry next week.


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