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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Crimbo season's paintjobs... post 1!

Well with only a few days left of the Crimbo hols it's back to the serious work of essay writing for me. Here's a few pics of what I managed to get painted last week:

This month's Oldhammer Forum painting challenge... a unit for my snotling horde- Hairy Sven Fjord and his Tusky Raiders.

I finally get to paint up some of my own minis! The beginnings of a Marsh Demon unit with Haakskarl swords.

The Clubtail Warriors and their pack-Thrall. I've sculpted a bit of his baggage, but it needs more weapons and shields added to it before he's finished.
 The Curadh, or command group.

 The woad-dyed Tiarna commander.

A unit of Kelpie allies, painted superfast with drybrushing and a couple of washes.

 A unit of Woldlice, the labour force of the Myeri. Again, speedy drybrush and wash paintjob.


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  1. Nice to see the Marsh Demons painted, I really like the champion with his green skin and tribal tattoos. The Speedy paint job makes them look really nice which is the clue the model is very good in itself.

    Happy new year !


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