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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Gang battles in Golgotha Tenement- Necromunda weekend

Friday Night in old Vogen Town, and the gangs come out to play!

Photos from the weekends' Necromunda battles. Four newbie gangs started off their careers in the locked-down district of Golgotha Tenement, Vogen's overpopulated Hab Blocks, under the wacthful eye of the local enforcers. My own gang, The Merciful Sisters, fared fairly badly at first, losing one gang member and having two (including the heavy stubber) captured at the end of the first fight. Fortunately they managed to buy back the hostage ganger and made a successful rescue mission to reclaim The Nurse, with her vital heavy weapon The Doctor. Still lagging behind in gang rating, by the end of the weekend the Sisters saw two of the starting Juves become fully fledged Gangers with a nice assortment of close combat skills and another Ganger purchased to replace the three fallen members of the gang. They fared much better than the Goliaths, who had a brilliant starting game thanks to the successful placement of their Autocannon (!). Sadly a few bad rolls in subsequent games saw the Autocannon's high price tag take its toll as the small gang lost crucial numbers leaving them with a highly-upgraded leader, super-shooty heavy and very lucky juve... and no source of income. It will be a slow climb back for the boys...

As the Orlock heavies emerge from vents on top of the precinct building the Arbites rush to apprehend the trespassers.

The next morning the rescue mission begins as a group of the Sisters try to free their captured heavy who waits imprisoned above in the Goliath headquarters.

Meanwhile, the other side of the river, Cawdor and Orlock gangs fight for the loot left behind by the riots.

The Goliaths invest in professional help to try and reclaim some stolen booty. The Bounty Hunters move in.

The Sisters on an urgent mission to rescue Grandpa Max.


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  1. Awesome setup there and a very cool battle report! Thank you sir!


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