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Friday, 29 August 2014

Woods Kickstarter fully funded!

Well I had a text from my mum at 9:30 this morning saying the Kickstarter had reached its goal...

A quick look online confirms we have reached the target! Hussah! Thanks to everyone who has supported this in many shapes and forms. It's particularly exciting as last night I all but finished the miniatures (just a few tweaks here and there to make), new green stuff arrived for sculpting accessories if we clear £2000 and this morning I'm off to pick up the first of the Leabhair Scealta books for checking over. Exciting times!

So where does Oakbound go from here? Besides phoning the foundry this afternoon to discuss timescales of course. Well first off there's the accessories pack to sculpt. That will be on offer if we clear 2k and there some ideas up on the kickstarter and the facebook page but I'm inviting anyone to throw suggestions in for adding more stuff to it!

Secondly there's the next stretch goal to draw up. This will be the 6 human (or Tuatha) characters featured in the game- Red Hood, Blue Belle, Russet Hugh, Jack Green, Finn Gold and Stephanie Snow. They're all fairytale references, but don't expect Disney! This is Grimm stuff all the way.

Then, looking forward, there's expanding the range started by this kickstarter. The plan is to release a new set of miniatures quarterly (initially- we'll see if I have time to make it more frequent) and to have a survey on the Oakbound website inviting you to pick which range we should expand next. Initial options are likely to be Myeri Coral Knights, Fae Rade, Spriggan Brigands, Huldra Clanswomen and Army of the Mines.

In the meantime you might have seen the Gobink Balloonist sketches I put out earlier this week. These will be headed for a master mould along with the Woods greens so I have some for BOYL next year, but a few extra sets will be available as a strictly-limited edition set, so if you're keen on your little green airmen head over to the facebook page and keep watching the skies!



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