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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Painting a new Fimir Warlord

There's going to be some in-fighting in my clan soon as I now have four Warlords... The Meargh will have to step in and assign division I reckon! Good job bickering nobles is all part of the Fimir back story.

The latest addition is Diego (Obscure Creator)'s lovely new model. Sadly he had to remove the serpent/dragon crest from the helmet for the foundry to cast it, the result left it looking a little flat on top for my liking. The detail in this model is lovely, but is has quite a 'modern' feel matching the FW Fimir more than the Bibby ones. How to make it look more 80s? ..................

A Mohawk! That 80s everything up! :)

The tongue, I'm told, is a casting flaw, but I quite like the bestial, drooling look it gives him. Maybe I should add a bead of saliva? His axe is, I think, meant to go the other way up (judging by the muscles) but I preferred the line of it facing downwards. Now I need to work out how to mount his concubines on the base... There's an 'interesting' one on the Fimir facebook page... I was thinking about using the axe somehow.

The base, obviously I hope, is not finished. I'm in the process of reviewing and rebasing all my Fimir as I'm not too happy with how the army looks together. This was also a first for trying out Vallejo's verdigris paint effect on some of his bronze armour... not sure how effective it came out, but adds a bit of interest and lifts the pattern so not too disappointed with it.

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  1. Hey, great paintjob and good, simple conversion with the mohawk! I need to get my butt in gear and paint my fimm warlord too!



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