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Monday, 22 September 2014

Fimm paints Bones at last!

Almost 12 months ago now I ordered some Reaper Bones from the Excellent Miniature Heroes site. Since then I've heard all kinds of opinions on them and was a bit unsure whether I might have a lot of unpaintable figures for my Mordheim warband....

Yesterday I bit the bullet and painted one.


I've been told some people find difficulty getting their paints to cover. Before I started I degreased this model with hot water and washing up liquid, as I would if I were painting resin. I use Vallejo paints as I find the Citadel ones too gloopy (haven't tried their latest offering) and use them straight out of the pots mostly. Didn't have any problem with coverage, but I can imagine thinner paints sliding off a bit. Reaper say these models don't need undercoating, so to test it I didn't. Paint took just fine. I'd imagine if you wanted to use lots of thin layers you would probably be well advised to undercoat, and again people seem to be recommending different things for this. I did have to adjust the way I painted though. Normally I paint 'inside out'- that is, start with the hardest to reach areas, usually skin, and work out to the more accessible areas. With this mini I started with the brightest colours and worked to the dullest as I wanted the white of the model to give a glow through the finished paint job.


As with all Reaper minis there is a lovely level of detail here. The face does seem to have softened a bit between the metal and plastic models, the nose particularly is less defined, but that actually works quite well. There is a flaw in this casting where the mould hasn't lined up properly. It doesn't show too badly, but if I were wanting a display piece I'd probably be disappointed. Also, great though the detail is, until there's paint on there it's very hard to see what's what. Normally I find the miniature kind of comes into clarity when undercoated, obviously I didn't undercoat but I'm not sure if it would have helped, her being white plastic and all. It takes a bit of working out to see where bits of clothing end, straps go etc etc.


I'm painting another Bones figure at the moment which has a larger shield stuck on. With this one it was pretty straightforward painting under the shield, but the other is very frustrating. I suppose I could chop it off and glue it on again afterwards but that seems like a lot of hassle. Another of the figures has a bent staff which apparently I can straighten out by dipping it in hot water and pulling it straight. We shall see.


So, my verdict on Bones. Would I buy them again? Yes, if it means getting Reaper's beautiful sculpts at a fraction of their normal price I would. Certainly for gaming. For display pieces? No, I would go for the metal versions for sharpness, clarity of detail and more control over bending parts and mould lines. But since I bought these for a beautiful Mordheim warband and don't want to pay a fortune for it I'm very happy with how it's worked out.



  1. Hey Geoff, if you're looking for more Bones I have plenty to share at an even lower price than Reaper's! Just saying. =)


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