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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Orctober: Nay, ORKtober! The Bad Moons rise.

I've been waiting along time for Erny to bring back Orctober.

Last year I managed to acquire, amongst a lot of other bits, a complete, mint, one sprue set of RT orks. Naturally they aren't staying there! :) Let me present the small horde I intend to work through during Orctober:

That's over 100 Orks and Gretchin, so they may not all get done, but I'm determined to have a good bash. The RT plastics are joined by RT metals, Space Crusade plastics, Bad Moon Nobs, Goff Rokkers and other bits and pieces. Plus, of course, the iconic RT War Wagon. :) Glad I didn't part with that...

I've chosen Bad Moons as my clan. Why? Well because of the Nobs, because I can see the imagery working well with the SC Orks and because I have something special planned for the band. But not just Bad Moons, oh no. Bad Moons based on these guys:

Yup, Bucky O Hare's toad stormtroopers. :) Love the comics and cartoon as a kid and very much want to use this colour scheme for the RT orks with their organic-looking weapons and padded jackets. And I have a good idea for this guy:

Ambitious if nothing else... stay tuned for developments!

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