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Monday, 29 October 2018

A tale of four gamers- the verminous horde grows

It's the end of October and time for the next 500(ish) points of skaven. They're nearly done, with just the standards out-standing.

8 Plague Monks and their Warpweaver leader, probably the best skaven model ever sculpted. :) I'm looking forward to putting him against my undead legion for vengeance of the lichemaster very soon. Their banner isn't done yet as it's meant to be the mighty Bane Banner so I want something truly horrific for it. I have been trying to scout out an illustration from Robin Jarvis' The Oaken Throne- it shows the terrible rat-god, but due to its unsettling nature was removed from later editions of the book so I haven't been able to locate it. If anyone has one they can scan in for me...

And 19 Black Skaven with halberds and a Warpweaver to lead them.

Just 482 points this month, but next month I'm aiming for the army standard, jezzails, warfire throwers and rat/rat ogres packs which should make a juicy 646 points (giving me some room to not quite finish some of it!).



  1. These are wonderful!Excellent craftsmanship and choices. Was just stripping some of these same figures last week.

  2. Cute rats, when I was starting with the Warhammer I was going to become Skaven because I liked their background and because I saw it very complete and fun but in the end I became green because there were many second hand in my area.

    By the way, there's no more Fimirs? I miss my Fimirs. I hope you do not forget them because my forum has a lot of information from your Fimirs in Spanish.

    Greetings from Spain.

  3. Great stuff Fimm, you beat me to it again! I finished the painting bar the banners tonight, will post tomorrow, really great work!

  4. Ta all. No the fimir are not forgotten. I have been sculpting some more this week, but they aren't actually fimir, they're myeri as featured in my celtic fantasy game The Woods. My true fimir army is pretty much done and sat in a display case so not much to report on that front.

    1. I understand you. Even the Myeri are a variant of the Fimirs of your world, right?
      Even so, I'd love for you to do some Warhammer battle of the Fimirs against another race or just against other Fimirs.
      Or if a Fimir story.
      Since Warhammer was loaded to put the aberration of AoS that world has been lowered a lot saving a bit for the Total War.

      Anyway, whatever it is, it will always be a great pleasure and joy to read your articles.


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