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Friday, 2 November 2018

The Fourth Annual Oldhammer Forum Golden Gobbos Painting Competition 2018

We've had a great load of entries in the Golden Gobbos this year, so here they are in all their glory (and no particular order).

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
My name is Zragg, the undefeated,
The evil gods chose me to bring despair and destruction to the world!
Fear the holy handgrenade of Hashut, the Father of Darkness!

Terminator Captain


Dwarf Warrior


Skeleton Warrior
Godfreig wrestled with the burning fire inside his head trying to recall where he was. The last he recalled was marching resolutely with his fellow farm hands under the stewardship of his Baron, towards what seemed to be an endless tide of savage green maws and glinting axes. His mind continued to slide back to the darkness pulling at his soul, the constant nagging to walk ever onwards as if drawn by some unnatural well. He stumbled on. Rounding the small copse, the burning inside his skull became stronger as he began to vaguely register other shambling figures resembling folk he dimly recalled. Turning back to where he was heading he caught sight of a wizened man hunched in discoloured robes, clutching a glowing staff of ebony coloured wood. As he fell into line with the growing throng his mind slipped away, replaced with the lobotomised command of a darker power.
Lutheran Darkshade gripped the glowing talisman in his right hand and smiled as the legion of undead assembled before him. 




Dark Elf Swordsman Captain

Dark Elf Crossbow Captain



Reaver Titan (yes, it counts... single, 28mm scale figure!)


Mercenary Captain
'...Across the Border Princes men tell a tale: of a child raised in the slave pits of the corrupted Chaos Dwarfs. Forced to fight for survival for the cruel pleasures of his masters; the child was raised in blood and slaughter. In time the boy became a man, the man became a champion. His masters paraded him like a prize pony, adorned in the armour and helm of an ancient hero…
…The tale tells how he broke his chains, cast off his collar; turned on his masters and cut them down in an orgy of vengeance and fury, escaping the dark heat of the pits ahead a blood-crazed mob of freed slaves hell-bent on the destruction of their former masters…’


Goblin King
(bit of a cheat, it is meant to be one model, but it's so glorious I don't care. ;) )

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  1. I loved the Goblin King. The fat Goblin that inspires a lot of Grom the potbellied Warhammer or that Goblin of the Hobbit movie, I do not know if the version of the book will be the same.
    I was planning to become an exclusive army of common goblins but after a fire in my house in 2010 that I was about to lose my life (the fire occurred while I was sleeping), I forgot the Warhammer until 2018, which I am shyly returning to play and inspire me in this world.
    I am trying to translate the Fimirs army book but a translator to translate the PDF can charge me between 200 to 300 euros and then have the book printed as the official books between 30 to 40 euros. I'm not like to spend that.
    Unfortunately, I do not have the patience to paint and convert. I am a gardener and when I have to handle delicate flowers I get on my nerves.

    Keep it up, I liked your minis, apart from the Goblin King I also like that skeleton with long hair and that looks like a Greek soldier who could be passed tancally by one of Tilea.

    1. Keep it up, I liked your minis, apart from the Goblin King I also like that skeleton with long hair and that one that looks like a Greek soldier that could be made pass easily by one of Tilea.

    2. Cheers. None of these are mine, they are entries in a painting competition I am running.


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