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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

A tale of one

Yup, it's a tale of one lamer. I have completely failed to get a single ratman painted this month.

To be fair to myself I have-
Sculpted 3 ratmen
Almost finished 6 commission pieces
Painted and created a kickstarter for the new gnomes and goblins
Built a goblin siege tower
Painted some new rock formations for my gaming table
Written all the creature entries for the new The Woods book
Drawn and painted 3 new art pieces for the book
Done a show and contacted several publishers and magazines
Bought a house

But none of that excuses me, sorry I have failed you.

I am taking a lot of December off, I will do better. By January I should then have enough skavenslaves to do the final part.


  1. I should expect a visit from Clan Eshin if things continue this way.

  2. No one expects the manrat inquisition...


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