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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The best way to spend this Saturday 25th June, I promise!


A big canopy and a blazing fire...

...deep in the Gloucestershire woodland...

...playing a rather unique fantasy skirmish game...

...with lovely people...

...on beautiful tables!

Sound like fun?

It is.

You should join us!

This Saturday 25th June, Wild Woodlands Celebrations near Nailsworth.

We'll have extra miniatures, warbands lists, rulebooks, dice, templates etc. You don't need to bring anything (but of course you are welcome to), I'll even lay on a barbeque! 

No need to know how to play, it's quick to learn.

Please do join us, it will be fun. :)



  1. Looking forward to this. Not only as my first game of The Woods, but the first time i've been to something like this (really aren't many local events I can attend).. though this is quite a trip.. about 3 and a half hours there and another 3 and a half back. Hopefully a very fun long day ^_^

    1. Hopefully! Looking like a small gathering, a few last minute pull-outs due to Covid and the rail strikes. Still, a gathering of nice people doesn't have to be large.

    2. Shame people had to pull out but things happen. As long as you aren't greatly out of pocket for the event, a small group os much better then a large group. Weather looks... interesting but that's not really much of a problem.

    3. Looks like the showers shouldn't hit until late afternoon (if the met office have it right). That was pretty much the same last year, and there's a good canopy to shelter under. :)

    4. bit of rain doesn't really bother me, better in the afternoon then the morning and have to be a bit wet though ^_^


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