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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fimir game for BOYL 2016- The Call of Chulaine

Millennia ago, cast adrift by the gods that had fashioned them, the race of the Fimir waned to a fraction of its once glorious power and warring nobles forced their nation apart. One of the most powerful of the Meargh called for the clans to stand united. Her name was Annun and she had a plan.
Annun’s clan lived in the far north of what is now Albion, in a fortress built of black granite and named Chulaine. Within this fortress, suspended over a great shaft at the heart of the castle, was a crystal, last remaining piece of the warp gates. Annun claimed that through this crystal Balor spoke to her of a glorious future for his people. Balor’s act of allowing the collapse of the northern the gate had earned him the high privilege of becoming one with the warp and even now his very life force was flowing through the magical essence in every Fimir. By learning to listen to his urging the Fimir would establish their race and subdue the world that had rejected them.
In a little over two centuries the whole remainder of the Fimir clans had grouped around the crystal. Hostility was rife, especially among the Meargh who resented any who claimed authority over them, and a civil war threatened to break out. Annun summoned the clan leaders to a contest. Whoever could break a piece from the crystal would demonstrate they had the blessing of Balor to lead his people to triumph. Each Meargh was to take in turns to strike the stone, whoever broke a piece off would be crowned queen of the Fimir. Annun herself went first, but for days the Meargh struck without success. Then, as evening drew in on the fifth day, a hit from a Meargh named Morrigû shattered a piece from the side of the crystal. Yet the Fimir had not expected what happened next. Mysterious essence, enshrined within the stone which had powered the gates of the Old Ones, flooded the castle. The Fimir were engulfed in a wave of something not experienced before or afterward. All memory of what happened is lost, but it appears the entire race of the Fimir slept, enshrined in the castle, for five thousand years. During these years it is believed Balor spoke to each individually, setting a task for each clan and each individual to perform.
When they finally awoke, the world outside was much changed, as were the Fimir themselves. Numb, they staggered out of the castle to behold a world populated with new species. Factions divided, each claiming a different view of their situation. Some claimed this was punishment for marring the stone, new races would fulfil the role the Fimir were to have played. Others declared these new creatures were rich pickings provided by Balor. A fierce battle broke out and the Fimir drifted their separate ways away from the castle. Few survived the slaughter or the radically changed climate. Ever since then the Fimir would exist as tiny and isolated groups, restricted to terrorising rural hamlets and haunting desolate fens, howling defiance at an uncaring moon and dreaming of the time when they would rise once more.
Now the time has come.
Across the Old World, carried on the winds of magic, the crystal calls to the Fimir.
From the cracked towers of the floating castle the crystal calls.
It summons its people back to Chulaine.  


Yes, it's time to start prepping for BOYL again! This year I'm hoping to finally bring together some of the diverse clans of my favourite fantasy race in an event called "The Call of Chulaine".
The game will pick up the above narrative at the point where a few small clans have made it across the Old World to the outer isles of Albion. There in the distance stands the crooked tower of Chulaine, the sacred stronghold. On the shoreline is a single black longship, big enough for just a few warriors. Before this ship stands a tall obelisk of flawless black granite, a pile of ceremonial trial swords and an intricate pattern drawn in the sand with coloured powder...
Each clan will be allowed to nominate a champion and small band of followers to take part in the trial using WFB3 rules, the Fimir mercenary contingent rules from Armies and the rules from WD102. Because part of the joy of building a Fimir army is deciding on a flavour and working out what 'counts as' rules to use each force will also have a slot for a 'non-Fimir' creature type. More details to follow.
I'm also hoping to have a display case up throughout the weekend in which we can showcase our myriad and diverse Fimir clans and want to encourage small skirmish games between the clans before the main game to represent rivalry among factions as the clans converge on the site of the final contest...
Stay tuned!



  1. Looks good, but I haven't any Fimir...

    1. There's still time, and there'll be spares around for sure.

  2. I really can't take on another project right now, but might well join in if I get the opportunity.

  3. I'm still not sure if I can come, but if I can, I'm in!

  4. Great story, I liked it.
    Although I do not know this "Chulaine" I do not know what it is, forgive my ignorance.

    And regarding the "Citadel Lead" just north of Albion, Fimir Is it a fortress?

    I've always wondered what it was that strength, who was, and who dominates orrigen.

    A greeting.

  5. Chulaine is something I made up, we're allowed to do that with fantasy 'cos it's not real you see ;) It is, however referencing the floating citadel which features in the Irish myth GW ripped the Fimir from.


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