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Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Woods: Secrets of Shandisholm, pre-orders open tomorrow!

Does what it says on the tin! After over two years of game development and six months of writing the pre-orders for Secrets of Shandisholm, the first The Woods sourcebook, will open tomorrow. Here are some questions we've been asked:

How long will pre-orders run?
We're expecting delivery of the book late July and for general retail to begin on the 1st August, so pre-orders will close at midnight on July 31st.

Does the content only work with the Systemmech system?
No. Much of the book is background, ideas, modelling articles and scenarios that will work with whatever tabletop or RPG system you want to use. The SystemMech rules are included and there are stats for using all the races with SystemMech, but also a section on converting those stats to use in other systems- which is very straightforward!

How do pre-orders work?
There'll be cart buttons on the SystemMech and The Woods pages of the website ( Just click to add and check out in the normal way. When the books arrive we'll ship them to you. Should anything go wrong (obviously we hope and are confident nothing will!) we'll let you know and if necessary give a full refund. All our payments are taken through Paypal so you are protected in the unlikely event anything untoward occurs.

Do I get a benefit pre-ordering?
Yes. Pre-orders are important to us as they help us calculate how much stock to order and allow us to budget for the next releases so we can keep products coming without long delays or crowd-funding. If you pre-order the book you'll get 33% off the cover price. Because the miniatures boxes are only a couple of months away from release as well we're also offering an option to pre-order a book and box, we'll send the book and you can pick any box when it is released. There's one more option for people who'll be at Bring Out Your Lead: The UK Oldhammer Day. Since we'll be able to hand you your book in person you won't need to pay shipping but our e-cart won't let you check out without adding shipping so we've discounted the order price a bit more to balance it out.

How big is the book?
It's 160 pages, hardback, 200mm wide and 250mm high. It has 34 pages of general background, a 26-page bestiary of over 50 creature types, 12 pages of items and skills, 12 pages of modelling articles, 8 scenarios with ideas for fitting them into your narratives, a complete adventure 'Reek of the Fens' and, of course, full rules, action tables, character creation and guide for playing games using SystemMech. The book includes a unique Fateweaver action table which adds 'magic' (or as close as The Woods gets) abilities.

As you can see there's a lot in there, so through the rest of July we'll be walking through the book a section at a time. Stay tuned for a look at this beautiful tome!

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  1. That infuriates me not to buy it.
    I can not for economic reasons, but do not know English (I speak a translator), it would be great to have that book in my collection of books Warhammer Fantasy although it is not precisely linked to it I think.


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