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Monday, 8 August 2016

Happy BOYLday Fimm McCool's!

It seems incredible, but it was 5 years this weekend that, inspired by blogs such as Mr Saturday's Mumblings and Realm of Chaos 80s, I started writing FimmMcCools blog (then FimmMcCool's Games Orkshop). It's great timing for celebrating that Bring Out Your Lead, the UK annual Oldhammer day, now takes place on that weekend so I can celebrate the two together.

This year it just so happened that the two main games I was involved in (the BFFG (big f'ing fantasy game) and Inquisitor Cynole and the Temple of Gloom) featured my Fimir and AdMech... the two armies I've been mainly featuring in the blog. It was a great excuse to clear off my 'to do' shelves a lot of the figures I've been trying to find time to add to those armies over the last half-decade.

If you've been following my Fimir-oquest diary over on the Oldhammer forum ( you'll have seen the painting pile diminish somewhat, with just over 200 figures done in just under a month. It's been crazy, but it was well worth it for the spectacle and to clear space for some of the side projects I've wanted to get going. Without further ado let the pictorial celebrations commence:

BFFG: The rise of Morcar
The Fimir of clan Maer rock up with their crafty plan to summon the master of dark magic... time to get those standing stones up.

 The forces of good arrive to stop the dastardly schemes and surround the Fimir... carnage ensues as the goodies roll for first turn and charge the bog monsters.

Hordes of evil in turn surround the goodies...

The Doomguard arrive, and seeing the cannon pointed directly at them promptly turn and flee off the board again!

The game followed a nice, organic flow with loose time slots marking the end of each turn. Turn 5 was reached in about 10 hours with all dreams of summoning the evil lord back to assume control of the Old World ruined. Ah well, at least everyone got to take home their own little Morcar!

Inside the tent it was hot and sticky... outside it was merely deathworld jungle heat! Bring on the Inquisitor Cynole game, a fantastic RT scenario from Aidan and his able assistant.

Dr Moenkhaus' Mechanists (not AdMech, honest guv!) arrive at the temple complex to collect the artefact of great technological importance...
Greeted by some less-than-civil members of the Trade Guild they decide to wait outside and let the nobles' hunting party go in first. After all, the temple is on their land. The nobles have brought a film crew with them to record their daring adventure.

Whilst waiting for access to the temple some engineers bring up the hover platform for removal of the artefact.

Outside the electric fence lies a secret cache of warbots. When the natives pry too close one of the engineers puts a warning shot across their bows.

Negotiations at the temple entrance take a nasty turn when the Trade Guild and nobles draw on one another. The very expensive Lab Bot receives a las cutter in the face, cutting it clean in half. Enraged, Dr Moenkhaus shoots down the perpetrator with his plasma pistol.

The Mechanists' demolition charge takes out the generator, plunging the temple network into darkness. Two remaining engineers creep inside as the Mercenaries outside start firing indiscriminately at everyone else.

The end game had all sorts of nastiness, with a demon erupting in the temple, treachery, slaughter of innocents and the stealing of the Mechanists' ornithopter. Dr Moenkhaus almost got away by stealing the Trade Guild's dropship, but it was gunned from the sky by a defence laser... did the doctor escape? Look out for the revenge of Dr Moenkhaus!

On Sunday morning the Fimir came out again for a 5-way warband skirmish with rival clan warlords trying to gather enough crystal shards to claim the crown of the mystic isle of Chulaine.

One clan tried to stay out of trouble, waiting whilst the others reduced their numbers squabbling amongst themselves.

Another clan was not so restrained. After receiving a spell in the face the Fianna began an unstoppable frenzied killing spree!

After the rest of his guards were slaughtered, his shard was stolen and he was trampled by a unit of shearl the lone armoured Fimir warlord wandered confused around the battlefield. Mistaking it for a foe he ended up attacking a large rock.

Just as the cautious clan approached the stone circle the fabric of space time tore apart and five Fimarines from the far future came storming into the fight, bolters blazing!

Their guns were no match for the axes of the Fimm and they fell in savage close combat, their power armour proving useless against the celtic fury! Seeing the demise of the Fimarines the Frenzied Fianna gathered up their stolen shards and fled the table. Nobody would be going to Chulaine that day!

Thanks one and all for making it another wonderful BOYL weekend, especially thanks to the Foundry staff for making us so welcome. Here's to next year!


  1. I really enjoyed pouring over your fimir collection this year and your inspirational work has already got me rummaging around in my collection of a model of my own. It was also brilliant to have a look at your bound books with my own hands. Such exquisite pieces of craftsmanship (like so much of your work) and beautiful objects to hold too. Here's to next year!! (:

    1. Cheers Orlygg! Really nice chatting to you at the weekend, sorry we didn't get more of a chance- I was busy fighting on several fronts! I think there were 5 different combats with at least 3 players going on at the time!

  2. Very nice of you to list my own blog as an inspiration, most kind! I had a long mull over all the photos, it looked like quite an event. So many great fimir too, it does the heart good to see so many clans at once, perhaps one year the Fir Domhan might finish those longboats and finally cross the water. After seeing all this it might be time to make some new additions to the clan.

    1. It is simply the truth. :) It would be great to actually meet the Fir Domhan one day, and your good self too of course! :)

  3. This is the 3rd blog report for this event that I've read today. Lots of new photos to por through in your post - and it all looks like a great time with amazing collections.


    1. It's always a great time, I thoroughly recommend it. :)

  4. Really enjoyed the Fimir game. Gave me a new found respect for the creatures. I reckon you must own a significant proportion of the world's Fimir population. Great stuff!

  5. Awesome.
    I've get out of words.
    Something he did not know or do not remember are the fimirs carts that kind of centaur-rhino that truth is imposing and impressive.
    Obviously that I've put in my forum Fimir in Spanish for the language of Cervantes to see and read your comments.
    That gives good sign that the world Fimirs not die, and not only that, but it grows.
    I hope not stop and a warm greeting.


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