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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Those painted ladies....

I had that rarest of things yesterday, a genuine day off! As a result four of my Bansidheia got painted to a reasonable degree. I have 24 to do in total so a long way off finished yet, and I'm basing each individual model on a separate picture from the 'Sword Song' and 'Dragon Song' so-called-art-books. Since the Bansidheia are collected from many different tribes that have had contact with the Fimir it doesn't bother me that the unit is going to look somewhat mismatched, with an assortment of figures from different manufacturers and painted to different schemes. In fact I think the ladies will add a nice touch of variation to an otherwise pretty uniform force. I've tried to pick models which suit the mood or attire of the subjects in the paintings, I think I've managed to fit all 24 quite well. Apologies for the poor quality photos of the pages from the book, couldn't find digital images online.

 The first four Bansidheia

The unit standard gave me the opportunity to work the dragon's colours into the model. Plenty of gold which doesn't show up very well here. The hadow around the eyes helps make the model look more mature, it looked a bit too 'teeny' before.

Only had head and shoulders to work  from for this lady, but her hair was done perfectly!

More subdued colours here. Tried to go for a design on the sword which gave some impression of the one in the painting but it hasn't really worked very well.

A frightening sight to be sure!



  1. Interesting, that has made your drawings or you've found online?

    1. They are from the books "Sword Song" and "Dragon Song".

      Son de los libros "Sword Song" y "Dragon Song".


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