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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A ton of progress from Oakbound as the year grows old.... and a chance of free minis!

Well well well.... I recently posted a winter newsletter from Oakbound on the blog, but now I have EVEN MORE updates to show you!

First off, they've been a long time coming but the master castings of The Woods miniatures are finally here:

Now, inevitably there are always little issues to sort out with first batches. In this case there are a few missing claws and teeth and some truncated horns. Nothing too serious. Unfortunately there was a more serious error though in one mould, which has led to two figures being in need of rescuing and recasting.

Sadly that means there will be a delay and more cost involved in sending them, but at least they look salvageable- the essential details are preserved.
Good news along with the bad. The batch also included fresh castings of the Myeri Marsh Demons which are for sale again through the Oakbound Shop. But even more excitingly it included....
Chico's Evil Space Dorfs! Yes, there are a mystery two figures there as well which will be unveiled.... sometime soon. I'll let the man himself do that when they get to his post box! These guys should be for sale soon, along with other Dorfs most probably, but no hard and fast details yet. There's also my crew for the Oldhammer at sea battle at BOYL 2015- The Airship Goblinks!
I'm nabbing enough castings to adequately crew my zeppelin, but in case you did want to get hold of some there'll be a strictly limited release of about 20 of these sets available...
You'll need to either be one of the first five people to order from the Oakbound shop after Christmas day OR snap up one of the ten sets that are listed in the shop from January OR...
link to Fimm McCool's blog from yours. I'm trying to break the 30,000 views mark by Christmas and need 100 more views to do it. If the target gets met and your link shows up in the traffic sources as the highest-ranking referring URL I'll send you a set of Goblinks absolutely free. Isn't Fimm a nice chap? :)
One last addition, there was another figure in with this most recent batch, for an excellent chap called Christopher who runs Mad Imp Studios who seem to be on the brink of producing some very lovely dungeon scenery which I must get to go with my Twisting Catacombs items. He hasn't given me permission to show it, but if he does I will. In the meantime go check out their facebook page and given them some support to get this brilliant project up and running!


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  1. To everyone reading this: As a massive fan of Mr Fimm's work and of Oakbound miniatures it has been a privilege having him design my Evil Space Dorfs and hopefully many more to come :)


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