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Friday, 19 December 2014

Whooo... 30,000 views!

It was my hope to get to 30,000 views by Christmas, and right now we're at 30,002 so thank you everyone!

That means that to celebrate somebody will be getting a set of

Goblink Airmen!

As I mentioned before, these are going to be strictly limited to 20 sets and one will be going for free to whoever's blog refers the highest number of people to Fimm McCool's before Christmas. The contest has started and there is a clear winner so far... but not too late to start sending people over for mulled wine and a mince pie, especially if you have lots of traffic through your site!

Now for some sad news. I have heard today that Stewart Griffin who runs Griffin Moulds (who cast for Oakbound and many other miniatures companies) sadly died from a heart attack on Monday. Obviously this will delay the casting of The Woods and Goblink miniatures, but much more importantly it's a loss of a great man both in terms of his expertise and his love for life. He will be much missed and I want to extend my sympathies to his family and friend who have been hit hard by this in the run up to Christmas. Peace be with you.

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  1. Sorry to hear of this loss. I didn't know him, but it's clear that he was not only a talented man but also a man who many people held in esteem. It's a painful time for anyone to lose a friend or family member.

    The Goblink Airmen are truly beautiful. I am not sure if I can morally justify snapping up one of the limited sets - they are wonderful but as I've hardly ever dabbled in greenskins I don't see at the moment what I would do with them, and I'm sure there are more gobbo lovers out there who would make much better use of then. Then again, maybe inspiration will strike after Christmas.


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