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Monday, 22 August 2011

A Fimm closer to Finished!

Well, second attempt to get the colour on my Fimm right was far more successful. Very happy with the way this little guy has turned out. Only took a couple of hours... by which estimate I reckon I could get the whole unit painted in a fortnight.... Hah! As if I'd be able to keep that pace up!

Much less orange! But happily Vinnie doesn't look too out of place alongside his browner comrade.

And a bit of a reminder of the inspiration for this colour scheme:

Not perfect, but hopefully by the time I get onto the big fellas I should be practiced enough to have a go at getting them close! If anyone's interested, the colour mix was:

Spray black
Spray white over to pick out raised areas
Wash with (Game colour) sepia and dark fleshtone
Paint defined areas of skin with (Game colour) dead white, rosy flesh, dark fleshtone, burnt umber wash and a tiny bit of bloody red
Highlight mixing in rosy flesh and dead white
Final highlights rosy flesh and dead white
Tail and scales washed with sepia ink


  1. Looking great Fimm. I prefer the second fimm, but they both look great. Your standard of painting dictates this is going to be a fantastic army!

  2. By the second, do you mean the browner? That's the scheme I'm going for, but there will be variation within. I dream of having an army where every model is painted to Golden Daemon standard... well, you've gotta dream haven't you?

  3. I do yes. I dreamt of that too, but then, I do want to finish the army in my lifetime!

    (I got sent some dwarf axes today, so I plan on ruthlessly stealing your idea for using them on the fimir. Aha!)


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