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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The horde approaches: All that does not glitter is Green Stuff!

After a couple of months sculpting my horde is almost ready to begin painting...
Here's a quick rundown of the army:

Dirach. Scratch-built and based on the Skeksis
Lord level sorceror and my army general... until the horde grows big enough to have its own Meargh!

 Original 80s minis with a converted young firedrake in the process of being transformed. I've added necks to the old Fimir models to make them more consistent with the lizardman conversions. The fimir rise to the surface of the bay of e quite often, but are very expensive and alas, my budget will not allow me to spend £40 on a single model! Fortunately I managed to find a couple through badly-worded listings and one swam itself over from the US of A. I guess with the balefiend being a valid option in storm of magic they may go up yet further in price... if GW release a finecast (or other) version of the old figs many people with expensive lead models may be royally peeved. Although the price of finecast.......

 Kelpies (above), the demonic waterhorses, and a regiment of Fimm (below) based on 5th ed. lizardmen.
The kelpies are effectively river trolls.
Fifth ed lizardmen, unfortunately, have four fingers and toes. The new ones have three. Since Fimir have three toes and three fingers (at least in the illustrations and on the old models) I had to subtly slice a digit off each hand and foot as well as filing off or puttying over all the scales.
 The Drui. Scratchbuilt Fimm-sized wizard based on Henson's UrRu

 Fimm Finmor (Champion) and Uillean piper
Curses, feet have gone untrimmed on the piper and Finmor!
 3 more of my favourite Fimm from this unit
Weapons variants provided by a huge bag of dwarf weapons found floating round the bay of e.
 Fimm slaver for my Bolgs (human slaves) based on an old orc model

 Flaithmor, Fimm warlord scratchbuild
 Jabberwocky! Something else I've not seen on the battlefield for a while and couldn't resist having a go!
 Shearl, Fimir slaves. Old Heroquest models chopped about. Their slaver's name is Vinnie and he was my prototype sculpt for the Fimm. Alas, his head is um, rather on the large side! But we love him anyway!


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