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Saturday, 6 August 2011

A retreat to somewhere dry.

Leaving the bogs and fens for a brief holiday I have also been working on some egyptian-themed high elves based on the Island of Blood models. No pics of the models yet, but the modular desert terrain is coming along nicely.

I wanted lots of flexibility from my boards, plus I play with quite small armies at the moment, so decided to opt for small, 1' square modules. There are eight styrofoam modules, four river sections and four cliffs, and eight flat MDF modules.

The river sections are carved in styrofoam, textured, painted and then have clear acrylic sheet set into them to give the effect of still water.

I need to get a few bits of lichen to cover the joins in the stream pieces. The bushes were made from floor brush bristles... something I want to use more heavily when it comes to making the bog terrain for the Fimir.

I wanted to be able to use the flat MDF pieces at the same level as the top or bottom of the cliffs, and have the option of having the stream lower than the cliff faces, so I have cut a load of MDF strips which slot together to form platforms to raise the modules to the required height:

The next step is to work on some 'cliff faces' to disguise the edges of raised modules and make extended cliff walls, maybe one or two with caves and temple entrances set into them. I also want to make some drain grills which will sit on the end of the river sections to give the impression that the stream flows underground, allowing me to be more flexible with where I place the water!

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  1. If I had know you back in 2011 I'd have left encouraging comments on this. As it is I'm glad this stuff is being repurposed for Deathrace! :D


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